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It was 2015, and I felt like a loser.

Like some bag lady destined to live on my mom’s couch for the rest of my life because I couldn’t afford an alternative. 😭

The truth was that I was unravelling—financially, physically, and emotionally. I’d lost my way, and I was exhausted 😞 and completely over being paralyzed by my past.

In that moment, I fell to my knees and started praying because I had nowhere else to go. 🙏

I knew something was calling me to rise, and I desperately wanted to know my path—the path 🗺️ that would lead me to embodying all that I knew I was born to be.

I made a choice right then to go all in. There would be no more holding back because I’d tried plan B, living half in and half out in an effort to protect myself from failure, but all it had left me with was a legacy of ill-health, shattered dreams, and just enough money in the bank 💸 to pay the basic bills.

That’s when I vowed to start building my life around my divine assignment. I had to follow my heart ❤️. I prayed 🙏. I listened. And I took action. I started to write, build, and create my message. ✍️

I started doing the work I was called to do, but still something was missing: a freaking clear plan 📋 to monetize and actualize my sacred work!

When my daughter Aria was born a few years later, I upped the stakes on my vision and started channeling even more deeply. Because in reality, even though I’d committed to my divine assignment, I was only taking baby steps.

It took having a baby 👶 (LOL) to take BIG WOMAN 💃 steps 👣 towards building a business and a life around my divine assignment.

Despite my husband earning six figures at the time, we were still going backwards financially and it freaked me the eff out! Here I was at 38 once again in a cycle that I was very familiar with—the rollercoaster ride 🎢 of feast and famine, success and failure, and I was literally living the highs and lows of this ride.

And now we had a little girl we wanted to give the world 🌎 to (and most importantly, our time too). I realized as I held my newborn in my arms that I was overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid, and I could no longer live like that now I had this delicious new love 💕 of my life.

Aria brought crystal clear clarity to living my divine assignment. ✨

I didn’t want to be struggling anymore.

I was over questioning myself and my vision. 🤔 I wanted to do the work I was called to do, which meant not returning to the “safety” of corporate. I also didn’t want to rely on my husband because I knew that my financial sovereignty came down to me. I began to truly see what it would take to create a legacy brand that would light up my soul and contribute deeply to the world and my clients. 🙌

I knew I wanted to be part of a movement to create innovative strategies and new femme paradigms that focused on supporting and enhancing women’s power and leadership globally. 💃🌟

When Aria was only a few months old, I’d sit her in the bassinet beside my desk and shoot videos and also teach myself to edit in Final Cut Pro 🖥️ while breastfeeding! 🤱 There were no more excuses. I just had to do it. That’s how I began to fully commit to my divine assignment. 😉 It was a whole-hearted pledge to do whatever was needed to overhaul my life and business. 💖

I now had an even greater ‘why’ for doing my work in the world. Alongside my deepest desire to support women to create financial and personal sovereignty for themselves, I wanted to live it for my daughter. 👧💕

I wanted to be an example of what your life can be when you align all aspects of it with your divine assignment. So I dived deeper into myself. 😍 What habits were still holding me back? What beliefs were still blocking my vision 👀 from being 100% fulfilled? I knew something more needed to be unlocked. 🔐

I asked, and the Universe showed me the answer in continued experiences where my people pleasing was running the show and leaving me exhausted, overworked, and with nothing at the end of it all. I realized I needed to ditch this habit pronto and replace it with the full, unashamed ownership of my voice. 📣

I decided to ditch the shame and START SPEAKING UP 🗣️.

I decided to declare myself done-done-DONE with scarcity and struggle, and to build a completely different kind of life and coaching practice.

🔥 I spoke up.
🔥 Owned my voice.
🔥 Packaged up my brilliance.
🔥 Stopped waiting for anyone’s approval except mine.
🔥 And got busy building my empire and serving others in a whole new way.

I was no longer fearful of what people would think of me. I knew I had a deeply relevant message 💬 to share with the world, and I started to do so at full throttle. I became visible.

My divine assignment blossomed 🌸, and the downloads came more often with the channeling more potent than ever before. And as a result, my intentions and vision became crystal clear. At the heart 💖 of it all was the realization that finding the message within my mess was the rocket fuel 🚀 I needed to build momentum in my conscious business.

And this changed the game… RADICALLY! ✨

I realized I’d had it all wrong: the difference between those who struggle and those who succeed is that the latter have rewritten their inner dialogue around selling, healed their money karma drama, and tapped into a business model that’s strategic as all eff 📈 (one that doesn’t include $100/sessions, thankyouverymuch).

They sure as shizz don’t teach this stuff at university! 😬

I’ve come to understand that success in life hinges on what consumes you!

You will only truly be successful at something that consumes you. 🤩

People who are remembered as great leaders and innovators are people who built their lives around their DIVINE ASSIGNMENT! 🙌 Others tinker at the edge of it, flirting with their unique purpose while maintaining a safe distance, protecting themselves within the conventional norms but never fully allowing themselves to be consumed by their purpose.

Your divine assignment is a ‘problem’ that you alone were born to solve for others. This problem is your door 🚪 to divine service and divine riches. 🌟

But how do you recognize your divine assignment? 🤔

I believe that each of us has a divine calling. 📣 The guidance you need always starts with a call for clarity about your purpose and the search for truth 🔍, so you can awaken to the message that you’re here to bring forward. If you fail to listen to your calling or rebel against your assignment, the struggle often becomes so overwhelming that you’re usually forced at some stage in your journey to surrender to it anyway! So why not leap now 💫 and save yourself some heartache? 💔

How do you discover the divine assignment that is your true calling? 🕵


What’s the cost 💸 of not LIVING YOUR TRUTH, %FIRSTNAME%?

It’s stifling on all levels. You are here to express, share, and pass on your wisdom, goddess. The pain 🤕 that can come from not living your divine assignment is enormous. Think about what dreams or pathways you’ve abandoned or simply let go because you’ve been too fearful to listen to your inner calling. The simple truth is that your calling is greater than your fear 🌟. At some point, you won’t be able to run from it because the whispers will turn into an ear-piercing scream. 😱

It’s time to turn towards the whispers and imagine how it would feel to be living a life of passion where you are at your most powerful and lit up each and every day.

Ask yourself:

💬 What deep pain, struggle, or trauma have I had to overcome from which I could draw my message?
💬 If I had only one key message I could share with the world that I knew would serve others deeply and make me money, what would it be?
💬 What makes me so mad and passionate I would get over my fear to see it changed?

Once you start to envision 👀 what your life looks like when you’re living from your heart and clear about your purpose, your divine assignment will enter your thoughts, your words, and your actions every day. It’s waiting for you to start the journey. 🗺️

It simply needs us to move from FEAR to LOVE and from constricted to expressed.

Readiness and sacred remembrance are the only prerequisites for riches. 🙌

Here’s what I know for sure:

When you’re ready to fully embody the presence of the divine within ✨ and build a business around it, you’re one step closer to activating limitless abundance in all areas of your life. You begin to LIVE FROM PURPOSE, COURAGE, AND A MISSION that gives you unstoppable power to build a future that’s based on a deep soul calling. 🙏 It’s not always easy to become the woman 👑 you were meant to be, but it’s harder to stay trapped living your entire life being a shell of who you truly are.

The PAIN of not living my divine path was far too great for me, so I chose to expand no matter how much it terrified me at the time.

While it took me 20 years of utter agony to figure this stuff out, you can match my success starting tomorrow if you apply the right strategy and tap into the right support. (I’m not B.S.-ing you… I’ve had tons of clients close high ticket 🎫 sales within days of working with me.)

Just look at my testimonials! 😉

My question to you is 👉 where do you see your business (and yourself!) 90 days from now? Are you sweating over the electric bill, or do you have a personal massage therapist coming to your house twice a week, like I do? 🤔 It’s pretty lush I have to tell you!

Luminous 💫 possibility awaits you, diva. Like Ahneyah who made the decision to leap when she joined my program and went from charging $100/hour for her work to creating a $25,000 teacher training and selling 8 spots in 8 weeks. 🥂

Chat 💬 to one of my diva strategists today to see how we can help you leap towards your dreams. ➡️ ingridarna.com/chat

Lots of love and divine riches,

Ingrid Arna signed with LOVE

Ingrid Arna
Leading 7-Figure Strategist

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.