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W E L C O M E   g o r g e o u s !

This is how the original CEO Diva took back her [Prada]
purse strings from the patriarchy and claimed the
throne of her MULTIMILLION-DOLLAR online empire.
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I was packing boxes of wax at five years old, eagerly helping my
parents build their cosmetic company.

This humble business that started in our kitchen became one of Australia’s
largest cosmetic companies with its products distributed in 40 countries
and counting.

Growing up in a family that took a little idea and virtually no capital and
transformed it into a multimillion-dollar enterprise was a gift to witness.

However, even in such an entrepreneurial household, I was sold the myth
that corporate was best, and I believed it in my bones.

I grew up attending a prestigious private girls’ school, and my father was
pretty clear about what he expected of me: I was to become a doctor,
lawyer, or politician. The end.

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Hilarious that I’m now getting paid more than a surgeon and a lawyer
combined to consult for top brands and leading industry experts.
#shameless #youcantoo

My first internship was at A Current Affair. Two weeks into the job, I was
offered a position as the production assistant. I was honored...but I was
also being harrassed. It was normal for my boss to ride me about every
little imperfection while throwing around the C word like it was his toxic
power-play confetti.

Despite this being my dream job at the time, I resigned and bluntly told
him, “You’re a bully. I’m done.”

I thought my ticket to freedom was in the US,
and in a lot of ways it was.

Landing in NYC, I had nothing. No promise of a job.
No family. No contacts. No one to fall back on.

Text all i had was

a pair of brass ovaries to keep me going.

I looked up a media agency online, marched into their office, and pitched them on adding a feminine sector to their company. I didn’t send a resume or wait for a job posting. Needless to say, I got the job and at 28 I became the managing partner at a leading ad agency in NYC.

I chased my corporate tail trying to prove myself for years before I woke up from sneaking a nap under my desk (hello chronic fatigue and burnout!) and got the heck out.

Launching my coaching business happened in a whirlwind of leaving the corporate grind behind, returning to Australia, my husband losing his job, and finding out we were expecting our beautiful daughter, Aria.

I realized after taking yet another client call from my hospital bed after her birth that I’d taken my corporate M.O. and transferred all the drama and drain to my own business. I was headed for burnout again unless something changed.

That’s when I launched my mastermind, spent $10,000 on ads, booked 60 calls, and sold 17 spots.
Within 6 months, I’d replaced my husband’s income and went on to sell $10K, $20K, and $50K

Once I knew the way, I was able to repeat the process and 10x my results at the speed of light. Within a
few short years, I’d built a global marketing school with two signature programs, Six-Figure Diva and 7
Figure Diva. Each year we serve thousands of students who get exceptional coaching and ROI from a
team of world-class coaches and experts.

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My signature CURRENCY OF

demystifies the ‘how’ of turning
your expertise into a consulting

and coaching empire.

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Everyday women - extraordinary results

Within one year, Scarlet went from couch surfing to selling $200K in her group music and healing program.
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After doing 2 other masterminds with no income growth, Natalie joined 7-Figure Diva, redesigned her offer and brand, and had her first $100K week 5 months later.
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Robin made $200K in her first 8 weeks of joining 7-Figure Diva and doubled that again.
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Pastor Shun went from struggling to make ends meet to consistent cash flow at $35K a month in just 1 year.
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Within six months, Vero went from corporate hell to being a CEO and launching her group offer, and now makes between $50K and $85K a month recurring revenue.
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Why do so many
trust us?

Fab question.

Here’s what i want you to know about the level
of my work and how i’m unlike every other coach
out there. Not every coach...

  • will have had real-world, 20+ years’ proven experience in applying the strategies they teach.
  • leverages her client’s brilliance at light speed with impeccable ethics to generate ROI for them that’s sustainable, repeatable, and scalable.
  • is a marketing, copywriting, branding, and business sage who generously shares her knowledge.
  • will give you the perfect mix of proven business growth strategies, spiritually solid mindset, and energy principles that will rewire your business and life.
  • will see your brilliance and provide you with the support, love, and guidance you need to have the money and soul breakthroughs to propel you into sacred success.
  • can learn and apply it on a deep level.
  • will empower you to go from feeling the fear to flippin’ the finger at it, so you can move ahead with clarity, cash, rock solid confidence, and divine soul alignment.
  • is a high priestess and mystical healer diva who has the ability to co-create with you and magnetize money, magic, and profound healing.
  • has built a team of specialists and strategists with decades of digital marketing, entrepreneurship, conversion copy, mindset, performance, brand design, lead generation and leadership experience to impart.

2015 $35 K

2018 $1 million

2019 $2 millions

2021 $4 million

2022 $5 million

It’s time to take divine action if:

  • 1 1
    you’re serious about doing the work that will help you add $30K+ per month to your income.
  • 2 2
    you want to grow a legacy brand that stands the test of time while cutting your workload in half and adding a few zeros to the end of your bank balance
  • 3 3
    you want to attract high-end clients who are happy to pay you your true value.
  • 4 4
    you want to leverage your brilliance to sell digital products that will reach thousands of new customers and build the impact you dream of.
  • 5 5
    you’re ready to learn all the strategies that are proven to work to grow a sustainable business that doesn’t drive you into the ground.
  • 6 6
    you’re ready to turn your yearly income into your monthly income like some of my clients and I have done {without sacrificing your soul or your sensual fire}.

Want to build a million dollar brand? Want to build a million dollar brand?

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If you’re ready
to ascend into
power, apply
for a ceo diva
million dollar

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This is not a MASSIVE

PITCH FEST but a deep
session to innovate
your next
high-ticket offer,
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Please only apply if you’re fully committed
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Yes, i’m in!
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