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Are you dreaming of freedom, global impact, and a 7-figure + income?

If you want a rich life, you have to create one.

Whether you want to build an online brand that earns $200K
a year or $200K+ months, you’ve come to the right place!

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The Women’s Institute of Wealth founded by moi,
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We think a whole lot bigger than your next cash influx.

We’re here to ensure you build a legacy brand that stands the test of time.

We stand for the social, economic and political empowerment of women where your life’s work brings you the joy, pleasure and fulfillment you deserve, while creating financial security and unbridled passion and freedom for decades to come.

The glass ceiling has been shattered.

This is your invitation to claim your diamond encrusted slice of the $1 billion a day online coaching industry by designing courses, masterminds, teacher trainings and high-ticket programs that create divine transformation in the lives of those you serve… while bringing in serious cash for you.

There’s never been a better time to build a wildly profitable online brand doing what you love — working from anywhere and sharing your sacred gifts to create limitless impact and income.

All you need to be in a prime position to grab your piece of that billion dollar a day pie is a laptop, a message that captivates and converts, and a divine journey for clients that delivers on your big brand promise.

Making serious dosh online isn’t basic, but with the right strategy and energetic alignment, it can be done with speed, ease and elegance.

Life is short. Make it sweet.
Don’t you desire a heckload more?

More money, sales, clients, sanity, wellness, and precious time to do whatever the heck you want?

Without working harder for it?

I know I did.

The day I left the corporate grind of NYC I claimed an exponentially larger payday…. without grinding myself into the ground or kowtowing to a narcissistic boss!

With a baby on my hip, I launched my business and built a multimillion-dollar empire…

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Check out my mini-documentary

where I share exactly how I went from zero to growing a
multimillion-dollar online and heart-centered coaching brand.

This is a new way of living {and serving and selling} that will set you free.

Want proof?

Watch, diva, and see for yourself.

I went from $5K to $20K and then to $50K a month working with Ingrid and her amazing team! - Shun, pastor

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I’ve made $69K in a month and $204K over my first 10 weeks! - Jen, business coach

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I made $160K during my launch because of Ingrid’s wisdom, love and messaging genius. I’ve now built a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND.- Chanti, copywriter and quiz

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I birthed my sound healing and online music school and sold $200K working part time. I’ve never seen abundance like that in my life. - Scarlett, sound healer

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I went from a corporate job I loathed to making over $30K a month!- Jocelyn, business coach

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I went from $12K months to $24K and then straight into a multi-six figure launch. - Randina, NLP practitioner

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I just had my first $100K week and now I’m set for multiple 7-figure growth. - Natalie, dance therapist

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I went from $200 an hour to selling $25K and $50K offers! - Dee, relationship expert

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Be the change, stand in your power and create limitless wealth.

You’re here to change the world, build your empire, and share your message like never before.

I get that.

You want to make money in the smartest and most fulfilling way possible.

I see you.

And I’m here to help your business grow quickly with the systems, strategy, and deep support needed to scale with significance, soul, and sanity.

So I ask you: will you break free and catapult yourself into
divine career freedom or stay stuck in overwhelm?

It’s just a choice:

everything you need is available for you to have it either way.everything you need is available for youto have it either way.
If you’ve been dreaming of building a soul-aligned million
dollar brand without struggle or sacrifice, consider this
your golden ticket.

Just tuning into Ingrid’s energy lit something within me. I call her my divine money angel. Oprah talks about living your best life. Ingrid makes it happen! I was able to accelerate my revenue and take my school into a new level of financial success.


bestselling author

If not now,


Get started today

with the world’s most powerful wealth creation system.

{we’ve made it easier than ever, gorgeous.}
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    The Divine Wealth Starting Point:

    Rich Goddess Activation

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    millions. Taste test some of my most potent work for just
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  • The Divine Roadmap to Financial Transformation:

    Apply for a CEO Diva Business Review Call


    The Divine Roadmap to Financial Transformation:

    Apply for a CEO Diva Business Review Call

    Map out your next $100K to $1M+ with our team of highly
    experienced strategists.

    We’ll walk you through the 3 most potent steps you can take RIGHT
    NOW and then determine which program is right for you. Gorgeous,
    if you want to build a $250K, $500K or million dollar brand, chat to
    one of my divine success strategists and let’s get you started.

Our unparalleled programs


Turn your gifts into your most potent offer to activate cash flow STAT in this LIVE online business immersion with the world’s most powerful wealth creation system.6-Figure Diva is your golden ticket to a scalable and sustainable business… with ease and speed. Our students get to $100K and then double again and again… with ease and elegance. 6-FIGURE DIVA is the fastest way to grow your online business {WITHOUT WORKING ALL. THE. TIME}!

Get 5 LIVE HOT SEAT classes each week with a team of renowned coaches! This is not a regular program but a premium mastermind experience with unparalleled strategy, coaching and healing to guide you into wealth. Get ready to make a heckload more dosh, sign more premium clients, and become iconic online!

Activating Divine Service, Global Impact and Quantum


Ingrid helped me realize that scaling doesn’t have to be complicated. It can actually be easy. I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to her strategy and support, I’ve made $204K over my first 12 weeks!


Forbes-featured leading
business coach & content

It’s time to

Take divine action if:
  • you’re serious about doing the work that will help you add $10K to $100K+ per month to your income.
  • you want to leverage your brilliance to sell digital products that will reach thousands of new customers and build the impact you dream of.
  • you’re ready to turn your yearly income into your monthly income like some of my clients and I have done {without sacrificing your soul}.


can no longer wait to be given permission to take up space in the world.
Now is the time for us to BE the catalysts, RAISE our consciousness, and CLAIM our own wealth.

Learning how to command top dollar for your sacred work is the smartest thing you can do for yourself. Period.

Every day women —
extraordinary results

Will you be

the next divine success story, gorgeous?

More about moi

Thought leader, wealth expander,
and Million Dollar Brand Mentor.

More about

I stand for
the divine
feminine in


I’m here to change that… for good.

Today, I work a 3-day week, have a team of over 40 people who support me, and run a multimillion-dollar business with over 1,000 active students globally.

But it wasn’t always this way…

My family actually thought I was batsh*t crazy until I banked $1,111,358 in a single year!

Despite working in corporate advertising for years, my empire wasn’t handed to me on a silver platter.

When I first launched my online business, I wanted to serve everyone and ‘be accessible’, so I sold $100 sessions until my nose bled from overwhelm.

I realized I had to be laser-lucid clear about the fundamental framework needed to get results fast online, or I was going to crash, burn into exhaustion and have to return to working for THE MAN. #UGH #F*CKNO

I was scared but my passion and commitment to my family and my desire to live with unbridled passion and financial security from sharing my divine calling drove me onwards.

Launching my online coaching brand was the best decision I could have ever made.

Once I mastered the art of high-ticket offers, my business skyrocketed — I was able to double my sales with ease, ethics and elegance and then do it again and again… and AGAIN.

I’m now on track to hit 8 figures… and my family no longer thinks I’m crazy!

Love a good story?

If you want to do something that makes your soul sing and your cash register ring…

It’s time to do more than lean in.

It’s time to LEAD and LEVERAGE your skills with a business that fulfills the grandest vision you hold for it while making mega moolah… to the tune of 7 figures and beyond.



But true leadership {and wealth} start with wellness.

This isn’t just about making more money — it’s about doing it in a way that truly nourishes you on ALL levels.

The ecosystem of your business needs to embody wholeness to encapsulate financial, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

It begins by calming down the energetic system to create a sustainable strategy that honors you — the CEO, the woman, and your work — and economic growth without it costing you your health.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you make money forever?

More mega transformations

swipe, diva, to see our clients’ massive money miracles!

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becomes financially empowered, she changes the world.
It’s your turn.It’s your time.
Think grand.
Turn your genius into gold.

And get everything you want.

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to make a quantum
leap in life and

Phone show

Discover how radical spiritual, personal and financial growth are deeply interconnected, and learn what it really takes to make money online in the most soul-aligned and streamlined way possible.

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Welcome to the women’s institute of wealth, founded by

Are you dreaming of freedom, global impact, and a 7-figure + income?

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No problem...Let's chat! Click below, DM me "diva" on Instagram and let's make sure you rise into riches! I'll help you determine if this juicy program is right for you, gorgeous!