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Founder of   the Women’s Institute of Wealth,

7-figure strategist, and transformation queen, Ingrid Arna presents…



Catch your partial scholarship valued at $10K before the investment goes up.


1.Pay $188 to get on a call with Ingrid, your lead 7 + 8 FIGURE strategist.
2. Select your time and fill in the questions.
3. We will review your application and let you know if you’ve been selected or not.
4. Be ready for your zoom call.
5.If you miss your call and don’t let us know you need to change 24 hours prior you will forfeit your $188 and will need to apply again.
6.This is a very high level call and meant for business owners and coaches who are ready to build a million dollar mastermind only.


This is for serious femme leaders only.


You must have capital or credit to invest and be ready to go NOW if you’ve been offered a spot.

You must have reached over $80K+/year in revenue or you’re in corporate.

You must be coachable and able to implement the gold we give you.

You must have support structures such as admin assistance to apply.

This is for serious femme leaders only.


This will be DIFFERENT than other "strategy sessions" you may have taken online.


You will not be talking to a sales person. You will actually be speaking with either my head coach or me.

We don't sell any type of consulting or done for you services, so I'm not afraid to reveal any of my "secret methods"

We will actually diagnose exactly what you need to do on this call and bring all my experience to your business. You WILL get thousands of dollars of value on this call. Which is exactly why I need you to understand this.

Applying means...

Filling out an application will not guarantee we will talk with you. Our team's capacity often fills up very quickly so I only do a few calls a week and we only speak with people that I have no doubt we can help.

We will reach out to you via TEXT MESSAGE and email if you are one of those people.

We usually only talk with businesses doing at least $10k a month in revenue because those are the businesses that we generate the best results for. If you are brand new to business or do not have a business doing at least $10k a month revenue PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A CALL AND TAKE UP A SLOT.

This is a very high level call and meant for business owners and coaches who are ready to build a million dollar mastermind only.

Finally...If you do not show up for your booked call or respond to my text you will NOT get a chance to reschedule.

I can’t wait to talk to you!



Are you a
7-figure woman
stuck in a 6-figure grind?





Powerhouse CEO,

If you want to make millions a year while working half as much, apply for this exclusive VIP initiation because it’s time to scale your signature offer into $50K to $100K months and beyond.

7-Figure Diva is the leading feminine business accelerator for women who want to build a million dollar brand at light speed.

When you have a proven process that has accounted for well over $100 million in sales for myself and my students you’re going to learn how to sell from a position of ethics, ease and elegance.

We focus on building brand empires for the “education age” because we know that it only takes 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your company’s brand, product, services and online experience. And this impacts your sales in a really BIG way.
We’re results-obsessed and have spent the last 7 years working with our students to build scalable online brands that are perfectly positioned to leave a lush legacy.

We turn your

We give big, so you can do big things in the world.




Every day, women in our sacred mastermind go from:

… $100K
to $200K/year
… $200K
to $500K/year
… $300K
to $1M/year

At the speed of light.

This is for you if you want—

moolah in the bank!


Be honest, gorgeous: do any of the following situations sound familiar?

You’re working waaaaay too many hours, and you’re f*cking exhausted — and it’s beginning to p*ss you off!

You have great months and then you have crap months and this feast-and-famine roller-coaster ride is driving you crazy! You’re ready to build a sustainable empire that truly supports you.

You’ve joined other courses and masterminds but haven’t gotten the ROI you were expecting from your investment. You've outgrown most of the coaches you've worked with online, and you still have no idea how to take your current success to epic heights.

You’re making decent money, but you’re still underearning because SIX FIGURES IS NOT FREEDOM.

You’re a little bit freaked out (or a shizz-load) about how to take your business and life to the next level, yet you know you were BORN for more.

You have a message that you’re called to share with the world, but you’re still not really doing it at the level you know you need to.

You dream of playing a bigger game with more time for those you LOVE — and more time for you — yet you still feel like a hidden gem in your industry.

If this is you, then let me tell you a secret—


And unfortunately you can’t experience epic business growth by staying there, gorgeous.

In fact, you’re only going to sink further into the overwhelm of running an online business without the support, systems and soul alignment you deserve.

You don’t need to keep sacrificing your health, sanity, and relationships to attune to your divinity and attract money, abundance, and love.

Because here’s the thing: saying that you desire a 6- or 7-figure business but then running yourself into the ground is NOT success.

If you want to lead online, you have to learn to leverage your time, energy, and expertise, diva! And in order to achieve more by doing less, you have to crack the code to working smarter.

I’m talking about building your business from a place of deep nourishment and divine feminine power... with time for you and time for your loved ones, minus the chronic hustle and excess force. #SCREWTHEPATRIARCHY

I’ve figured out how to do this for myself, and my clients have proven it OVER and OVER that I’m not some lucky b*tch who stumbled into a multimillion-dollar fortune or leveraged an pre-existing mountain of

Now it’s your turn to rise into infinite riches, pleasure and abundance as you scale your online brand into consistent high-yield months like a BOSS DIVA! 7 Figure Diva is the B.S. FREE program for selling {out} your high-ticket course and mastermind with all of the SOUL and none of the sleaze.

Here's what you
really need

to build a legacy brand that you can continue to scale into a multimillion-dollar online empire sharing your divine work on a global scale.

An unparalleled strategy that’s simple AND scalable, so you can escape the tail chasing and yo-yo sales to build a formidable company into 7 figures and beyond without working a minute more.


A reliable, repeatable sales system so you can sell your offers to many people in a way that builds your brand and attracts dream clients without you having to do sales calls. Our Million Dollar Sales Method will allow you to build a system that takes you from the exhaustion and overwhelm of administrative overwork into true CEO status.

A scalable, high-ticket offer that fills a gap in the market, forging you as the bonafide leader with a known and stellar reputation in your industry so you never have to do another launch again. To achieve this, you need an offer that sells 24/7 and generates consistent sales on repeat.


Global visibility and exceptional positioning to build a legacy brand based on passion, transformation, service and excellence. We use a proven formula to transform our clients into thought leaders in their space, and we support you to ensure your message online connects with heart right from the start.


We help coaches, healers and visionary leaders turn their genius into gold and build bonafide online brands that experience longevity and exponential growth. Our journey together includes the following key milestones:


We take your purpose, vision and brand story and formulate your MILLION DOLLAR BRAND. You’ll liberate your authentic brand voice and quantum leap into a whole new business emotional IQ.


You’ll learn how to craft and package up your most potent scalable and saleable offer ever. This is the moment when we take your genius and turn it into gold by building your value ladder and mapping out your global empire game plan.


We’ll help you create an offer that sells by verifying its strength in the market! This stage of the journey is about ensuring your product makes bank and has all the right components to deliver an exceptional offer with a powerful point of difference to your audience. Stand out, serve and sell out and become the leader you were born to be.


Here, you’ll fall in love with systems, operations and tech and get your financial legacy planning on FIYAH to finally release you from the burden and boredom of overworking. You want your back-end operations to do the heavy lifting for you!


It’s time to automate your processes and build your very own high-converting funnel to shift into sublime scaling and catapult your business into the stratosphere at light speed. This is the holy grail of online business. When you combine a winning product or service with a solid business foundation, the sky’s the limit.

No matter your niche,
your industry, or your expertise, you can both SERVE and MAKE millions
in the smartest and
most fulfilling way


to quantum leap into riches with BADASS STRATEGY, FEMININE POWER and GLORIOUS GRACE

(in half the time while working half as much)?

We will be moving fast so a scarcity vibration is not permitted.

Please do not apply if you’re not ready to invest.

with a team that knows exactly how to build empires.

Here’s a short list

of the content we’ll cover to ensure that cash begins to flow for you:


7-Figure Diva SALES SYSTEM™

gorgeous gorgeous

Make mega sales with elegance, ethics and ease by following our proven advanced sales coaching will guide you through your entire sales strategy, positioning you to sell out your digital offers and/or your masterminds, retreats, and private programs.


The methodology of the 7 FIGURE DIVA SALES SYSTEM™ will allow you to move into a sacred space to create the beauty, unity and love in your enrolment process.


Automation and Funnels:

gorgeous gorgeous

Learn how to set-up automated systems to build a community that buys from you every single day without having to do the heavy lifting! Drive traffic, drive your message and drive revenue into a whole other dimension, gorgeous.


Million Dollar Messenger:

gorgeous gorgeous

Own your message, build a tribe, and change the world by unleashing and sharing your heart, truth, and divine power. Without the ability to truly stand in your message, growing your business and living from your soul purpose will be nearly impossible.


As soon as you unleash your message, there are no limits for your business, your income, or your life. When you own your message, the impossible becomes possible, as you connect, inspire, and become the leader you were born to be.



gorgeous gorgeous

This process is a sacred soul system that will allow you to truly own and clarify your genius and purpose. It requires a healing journey that is both gentle and profound. You’ll begin to release all beliefs, stories, and illusions that have kept you from owning, unleashing, and embodying the wisdom of your gift.

The Gifted Process will ensure you build a business that aligns with your soul’s true values {and thus dissolve all distraction and energetic drains}, so you can unleash immeasurable impact on a global audience from a place of fierce femme power and nourishment. For you, my divine friend, are GIFTED.


The Gifted Process will ensure you build a business that aligns with your soul’s true values {and thus dissolve all distraction and energetic drains}, so you can unleash immeasurable impact on a global audience from a place of fierce femme power and nourishment. For you, my divine friend, are GIFTED.


Va-Va-Voom Video Vixen:

gorgeous gorgeous

Discover exactly how to own your voice and stand in your power to connect with your audience and sell to them with HEART. If you want to sell out you have to rise as an iconic leader. Stand out, speak up and be seen as a global leader with soul, integrity and that authentic wow factor.


Organic Client Attraction:

gorgeous gorgeous

This system will show you how to drive traffic and sales without it costing you a cent. This is what we call our ‘NO COST CLIENT ACQUISITION’ system. It’s life changing. Imagine getting sales every single day!


7-Figure Webinar Diva:

gorgeous gorgeous

The perfect system to sell out your offers with ease and make more money than you ever have before {without drinking tequila to drown your fear}.


The Psychology of a 7-Figure Brand:

gorgeous gorgeous

Learn how to stand out, establish trust, and become a market leader by unleashing the power and message of your brand.


CEO Diva Coaching Ascension:

gorgeous gorgeous

Let’s uplevel your coaching skills! You’ll become a super sassy coaching master and activate your genius like never before. We’ll put the Zen back into your soul and make you glow with confidence, divine intuition, and crystal clear clarity, leaving your clients buzzing with excitement and focus after every session.


Content is Queen:

gorgeous gorgeous

You’ll receive guidance and support in creating all the worksheets, exercises, questionnaires, and rituals that are needed for your signature program. As you create your program, you’ll evolve and transform.


You’ll be guided each step of the way to tap into your divine intelligence, giving you the mojo you need to own your wisdom and share it with divine strength, courage, and love.


Energy Goddess Clearing:

gorgeous gorgeous

The healing work that you’ll receive will be vital to your success. I’ll take you through guided visualizations, potent priestess clearings, and divine healing rituals to inspire you to release all that is NOT truly abundant in your life.


Together, we’ll rewire your thinking and, in doing so, completely shift your energetic and emotional systems. When you clear your fears and release your subconscious beliefs, you’ll become a magnetic, abundant Diva. Unless you clear the junk in your trunk, creating success will always put you in an exhausting funk. Who wants that? Not you, CEO Diva.


IP Goddess:

gorgeous gorgeous

You’ll develop your own personal healing, coaching, or business training methodology with our deep support and strategies. This will allow you to step into the leadership position as the go-to Goddess in your field.


Divine Service, Global Impact, and Quantum Wealth


unparalleled curriculum

Sacred Alignment

  • Releasing resistance
  • Good girl detoxing
  • Healing sessions
  • Law of attraction training
  • Money karma clearing
  • Mindset miracles
  • Self-love upleveling

Straight-Up Strategy

  • Copywriting strategies and sales copy feedback
  • Automated funnels
  • No cost client acquisition List building
  • High-ticket enrollment
  • Facebook ad and copy creation
  • 7-figure sales training

And everything in between…

  • Storytelling sessions
  • High-end offer analysis
  • High-end program development
  • Soulmate client attraction
  • Prosperity planning
  • Sold out launch strategy
  • Digital empire building / passive income generation

In short, with 7-Figure Diva you’ll learn how to—

Create your high-end course and mastermind offer and scale your business into a million dollar brand.

Leverage your knowledge to become an ICONIC legacy brand that stands the test of time.

Market, sell and deliver your offer or product using our 7-Figure Diva IP methodology to stand out in the marketplace.

Create constant demand and enroll premium clients EVERY. SINGLE. DAY to escape the feast and famine roller-coaster ride forever.

Deliver results 100% of the time by empowering your clients and building the most incredible 5-star team… you’ll never have to do the heavy lifting on your own again.

Rise into global influence and impact and become a leading femme CEO.

just take it from

This sacred container is perfect for you

scale your signature offer into $50K to $100K+ a month and turn your yearly income into your monthly income like many of my clients and I have done {without sacrificing your soul or your sensual fire}.

effortlessly attract high-end clients who are happy to pay what your work is truly worth by being 100% yourself.

build your automated client attraction machine to launch your 24/7 cash flow system!

develop your IP process to create a global brand you can scale into millions.

reach the masses as you leverage your brilliance with digital products that will build the impact you dream of.

become a lit-up CEO with specific strategies that are proven to work to grow a sustainable business and won’t drive you into the ground.

This is about redefining how women lead and build empires and ensuring their personal wellbeing and deep service to their clients sit at the pinnacle of their work.

Our mission is to support women to lead in a whole new way. Because the patriarchal system doesn’t work for us. It never did and never will!


Our team is the reason why 7-Figure Diva is head and shoulders above the rest.


CEO, Founder, Rainmaker and the Priestess of Wealth

Ingrid is the authority in digital marketing. Referred to as the Million Dollar Brand Genius and the rainmaker, Ingrid is known for her fierce fusion of high-level strategy, copy and messaging, production development, and brand IP that produces epic growth and revenue for her clients. Ingrid is also the founder of the Gucci of online business programs 6-Figure Diva and 7-Figure Diva and scaled her business from startup on a shoestring to a multimillion-dollar online education platform as a result. Her experience in corporate advertising, copy conversion, journalism, and TV development coupled with a deep knowledge of mind-body medicine make Ingrid’s approach to business unique and powerful.

Ingrid works at warp speed with laser sharp focus and precision to build million dollar brands. She is the epitome of heart, soul and fire combined, and her students often refer to her as the modern day Lakshmi as she transforms their ideas and visions into leveraged courses, programs and transformational processes that also make bank! Ingrid’s work has been featured in print and broadcast outlets around the world, including

When not coaching, Ingrid can be found hiking in nature, chanting divine prayers and writing her next book! Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.

Chris Johnston

Co-Founder, Resident Advertising and Tech Guru,
Simplified Systems Savante, and Lead Ad and Funnel Coach

Chris is the co-founder of the Ingrid Arna Company and hubby extraordinaire to Ingrid. He is not only a tech wizard, systems savante, and expert at simplifying big ideas — he also brings his talent for advertising and coaching to our students and company. Previously an engineer at a Fortune 500 company, Chris is now a strategic online engineer who turns big visions into high-return business solutions by mentoring our students in the mastery of paid advertising, funnels, offers and automated marketing systems. A self-proclaimed geek, he keeps his problem solving flow on fire by surfing the waves at Byron Bay and chasing after his and Ingrid’s rambunctious, sassy and super cute eight-year-old daughter!

Lisa Callinan

Head Coach, Intuitive Powerhouse, and No B.S. Guiding Light

Lisa is an intuitive business coach with a superhuman ability to cut through energetic chaos and ego chatter to the core of what a woman desires and what’s stopping her from receiving it. She’s known for shifting women from exhaustion and confusion to clarity and confidence — vibrational non-negotiables for the women swiftly building and growing six and seven figure businesses in our masterminds!

After a college tennis scholarship, Lisa began coaching… and never quit. First in the tennis industry, then with her own gym and in the holistic healing arts of massage therapy and holistic counselling… until burnout brought her to her knees. Lisa spent the next few years healing her nervous system and then shifted to coaching other women on the edge of burnout.

Through her own journey in Ingrid’s 6-Figure Diva program, she realized where her gifts could truly be of the highest service in the world: coaching women like you who are ready to make their lush entrepreneurial vision their new reality. Always an entrepreneur at heart, the courageous career moves Lisa made may be what’s most visible on the ‘outside’ of her life, but what fueled her professional transformation were deep inner work, leaving a horrendously toxic relationship behind, and reclaiming her identity from the chains of others’ expectations.

Lisa strikes the perfect balance between loving, gentle, and nourishing support and straight-shooting, drama-free strategic implementation. Her coaching is rooted in the new-paradigm of the divine femme frequency of wealth creation, and she mobilizes women into potent action and real results — fast.

When Lisa isn’t helping visionary divas leap toward their dreams, you can find her practicing Kundalini yoga, refueling at the local float tank, or enjoying nourishing, heart-fuelled conversation with friends. If you ever meet her in person, give her a piece of good quality chocolate, and a divine, heart-warming hug, and she’ll be yours for life.


Resident Healer, Alchemist and Kinesiologist

Rebecca is a Cauldron Priestess, author, Red Tent facilitator, and founder of The Witch Academy and is dedicated to helping women remember and step into their inherent power. She is here to support you in your ascension as you rewrite your story, reconnect to your wisdom, and release all that no longer serves you! For the past 20+ years, she's been working with women who have described themselves as feeling 'out of sorts' but not quite able to put their finger on why they aren't happy when externally things in their life seem 'right'.

She works with our students on an energetic level (because here at Ingrid Arna, we know that mastering energy is as important as mastering strategy — afterall, money is energy). Rebecca helps you to embrace ALL of YOU, and not just the 'pretty' parts.

With Rebecca’s mastery and magic, she’ll bring you home to your sovereign personal and financial power as you rewire every fiber of your being to create limitless success. With her support, you’ll create and nurture the energy, frequency and emotional IQ needed to build your divine empire with ease and elegance.

Powerful women are
and making 6 to
7 figures on repeat…

Will you join them?

All that’s missing from this proven and repeatable system is your divine femme magic and willingness to bank on yourself, gorgeous.

Apply today and be on your first LIVE diva coaching call as early as tomorrow.

Hear how

7-Figure Diva helped psychologist Dee go from $20K per month to $50K per month in 90 days…while cutting her hours down by 8 0%! Dee now has a waitlist for her $25K and $50K offers.

You may be wondering…


You may have bought training in high-end programs before, and then let them sit on the shelf. Perhaps you’ve taken a group coaching program, and you didn’t receive the results you anticipated. Maybe you’re drawn to work with me, but you’re wondering how it’ll be different this time and whether this program will truly deliver on what I promise.

I hear you, and I’ve been there.

It can be hard to trust a new mentor especially when there are a lot of phonies out there. I’ve had many clients decide to work with me after investing in programs with some of the biggest coaches on the planet.

They read heaps of amazing testimonials and wonder why they haven’t had the same success for themselves. I’ll tell you why right now. Simply, not everyone works in the same way. Some people need highly specialized one-on-one support. And to be honest, that’s what most people need. They need love and attention to really grow and thrive.

Most programs on the market offer good content but leave you to your own devices to implement the strategies.

There’s little-to-no accountability and the list of tasks you need to complete is nothing short of overwhelming. And they don’t provide deep, soulful guidance and intuitive healing to ensure you don’t sabotage your efforts.

This is an inside job, darling. Unless you get your head and heart tuned to wealth, your ability to succeed is going to be seriously sabotaged.

That’s why 7-Figure Diva works. Because it’s highly intensive and filled with connection, love, and attention. We’ll take you from Struggleville to a life filled with ease, pleasure, lifestyle, and freedom.

Swipe right and see the success of my students.


spiritual teacher

OMFG. I just received proof of the wire transfer my client sent to me. $8000 PAID IN FULL upfront. That’s a 400% jump in my ability to generate, enroll, and receive funds since we started 7-Figure Diva. I’ve since gone on to sell a further 5 programs within 6 weeks of working with Ingrid at $8000 each, paid in full. I’m charting out a funnel for my $40K and $70K two-year offers. I’ve gone through the most profound healing experience since working with Ingrid. This experience has been nothing short of sacred, divine and life-changing.


business coach

The month before meeting Ingrid, I made $7K cash with my coaching business. Now I make a stable $40K - $50K… month after month. I am not finished with the program yet… I work less. I am nourished. I am more confident. Thank you thank you thank you. It wouldn’t have been possible without Ingrid Arna and her team.


healt coach

Ingrid is the real deal and one in a million. Working with Ingrid is one of the best things I’ve ever done. She’s a breath of fresh air and a marketing and branding powerhouse. In a matter of months, we created my new brand and developed a business model and my comprehensive coaching program. She’s been with me every step of the way and has definitely taken my business, confidence, and personal growth to new heights. Since working with Ingrid, I’ve also secured a corporate client and developed additional programs and revenue streams. I’m so grateful to have worked with Ingrid and highly recommend her 7-Figure Diva program.


New York Times best-selling author

Ingrid has a gift. She’s an intuitive Goddess doctor. She scans through your layers to uncover the obstacles that are blocking your success. Ingrid then uses her laser sharp insight to create powerful and unique CEO Diva destiny plans that give you the concrete steps and tools you need to create your rich, juicy life. Ultimately, Ingrid helps you to move past all obstacles and into your highest vision of yourself, your life, and your success.


empowerment coach

Hiring Ingrid was one of the best business investments and decisions I’ve ever made. Ingrid truly has the secret sauce to upleveling your business and bringing out the best in you and your vision. When I joined 7-Figure Diva, I had no idea why my business wasn’t working. I felt really frustrated. Ingrid's vortex sets her apart from other coaches. Combined with her experience, strategies, stellar client care, and team of experts, she is positively impacting thousands of people around the world. I started with 5 live streams and booked 22 calls on my calendar! Women who said no to my $1500 mastermind suddenly wanted in on my $5K business school. I changed my vibration and went from nice to powerful diva! I remembered who the f#ck I am! I went on to sell 42 spots in 6 weeks for my high-end mastermind and made $220K. Not only have I made more money than ever, but I’m now living from my true divine power. Ingrid has activated me deeply to own my voice and my strength. I highly recommend hiring Ingrid and her incredible team to anyone who’s ready to make serious shifts in the world and create abundance in their lives.


  • - Healer
  • - intuitive
  • - lightworker
  • - health coach
  • - nutritionist
  • - celebrity psychic
  • - channel
  • - astrologer
  • - yoga teacher
  • - digital marketing strategist
  • - facebook ad manager
  • - business coach
  • - dating coach
  • - branding expert


will only truly change the course of history when we allow ourselves to rise up financially. Otherwise, we will always be someone else’s property. It’s time for a shift in financial and social power.


The world needs more
 wildly wealthy  women.

who aren’t burned out.
who aren’t emotionally and financially wigged out!
who have boundaries and aren’t afraid to be BOLD.


To qualify for this EXCLUSIVE VIP experience, please click below to apply. A lead strategist will then phone you to ensure what we do is aligned with your vision and exactly what you need to expand your business into the stratosphere. A second call will be set if we’re a divine match to start charting the trajectory of your success.