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Under-earning is a disease…divine woman…. it’s your time to cure it.

Under-earning is a disease…divine woman…. it’s your time to cure it.

She went from 0 – $15K in 45 days….

My students and clients are rocking it. Enter, dance party!

Under-earning is a disease…divine woman…. it’s your time, divine visionary woman, to cure it.



Listen up, soul sister… the truth is you’ve been caught in the vicious cycle of under-earning, resentment and burnout as you give, give and give some more but never get what you deserve in return.

Maybe you’re exhausted with the sheer number of hours you’re pouring into building your business without ever being more than just a blip on the vast screen of the online world.

Do you look at others who are more successful and effortlessly visible and feel more than just a twinge of jealousy clutch at your heart?

Gorgeous Goddess, you aren’t meant to feel like this.

You aren’t meant to struggle, stress and stew over the accomplishments of others but instead bask in the glory and warmth of your own success.

You aren’t meant to stay trapped in Strugglesville until the end of time while others cruise past you to enjoy the life you only dream of.

By staying stuck and overwhelmed, you’re not only doing yourself a heart-achingly cruel disservice, beautiful, you’re also cheating those who need your brilliance, your talents, and your incredible skills to change their lives.

Worse, you’re buying into the B.S. myths that the money-grabbing, soul-crushing charlatans are feeding you.

So let’s talk about these B.S. biz myths that make your heart go cold and your toes curl in disgust.


1. Discounting is the way to go : Gorgeous woman, you aren’t bargain basement!

You’re couture.

You’re classy.

You’re a freakin’ brilliant brand!

Discounting your value and your worth is not what you were born for. You were born to shine bright and cast your spectacular talents far and wide! You don’t belong on the sales rack!

It’s time to STOP DISCOUNTING your potent, transformational magic.💫


2. Raising your fees will lose you clients: So you might be thinking… but hey, Ingrid, I’ve been told if I raise my fees, I’ll lose my clients… I say buuuuullllshiiiit to this!!😂

Not only have I quadrupled my own fees with soul and success, I’ve taught hundreds of women how to raise their fees and they’ve welcomed in a stream of clients eager to pay them the big bucks💰

Raising your fees, when done right, will only bring the best there is for you and your clients!

This goes way beyond money and right to the heart of creating 6-star service for your clients.

This is not about slapping a high-ticket price on a shitty offer but expanding your level of service and delivering an exceptional experience and exquisite life-changing results.

Let’s get real here—you don’t do that in one session. I don’t care how awesome you are.

Let me tell you I could barely sell a $200 session without pulling my hair out and hustling like a MOFO and yet, when working with the High-End Empire method, selling $20,000 offers became divinely spirit-led and a thousand times easier.💰👸

Now it’s your turn.


3. Playing big is only for the big girls: You’ve heard that you can’t play big unless you’ve got a big list and big connections. You aren’t Carrie Bradshaw and this isn’t Sex and the City, sweetheart.

You don’t need big lists or big connections.

You only need belief. Belief in yourself, your worth and your value and we’re going to guide you through just that in High-End Empire and, in doing so, blow your beautiful spirit-led business out of the water, as you fully OWN your divine inherent power!

Why do you, gorgeous one, need to build your heart-centred high-end empire… yesterday?

eLearning is a US$107 billion industry. It’s time to claim your divine piece of it! {Source: Forbes}

Let that sink in for a moment, gorgeous…

You’re looking at a whopping $107 billion market that’s growing even while you sit picking your jaw off the floor…

So, NOW {or in fact, yesterday!} is the BEST time to learn how to package your brilliance so you can sell and scale with ease.

Get ready to buckle up to take the ride of your divine life, beautiful, if you want to:

 – stop trading dollars for hours and instead have money come in while you sleep, sip on a latte or spend time at the beach with your darling loved ones!

 – stop chasing clients and struggling to fill your pipelines and instead have clients contact and book you automatically!

 – stop stressing over money and bills and instead master the art {and science} of making money with soul rather than sleaze and slime!

Be careful to not sabotage yourself any longer!

Apply here to talk to my team if you’re ready to make a heck load more dosh with ease and ethics.

Apply here 👉 ceodivaconsult.com


Love and so many divine riches,

Ingrid Arna signed with LOVE

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.