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How I sold over a million dollars with lashings of LOVE AND DIVINITY….

How I sold over a million dollars with lashings of LOVE AND DIVINITY….

Hi divine one,

Just three years ago I was pretty much broke.

My clients were thriving, but I was over-giving and under-earning in my business and life. It was hell.

Even though I‘ve been featured in Instyle, Vogue, Cosmo, Huffington Post, Body and Soul magazine, and appeared on the Steve Harvey Show, none of that exposure really did anything for my bank balance in the long term.

Why? Because I didn’t have the structure or the strategy in place to truly monetize my brilliance.

When it came to starting my coaching business and working from a spiritual position, selling my services, my sacred healing and business strategy and myself as a brand, it was a roller-coaster ride of feast and famine for many years.

It took me years of struggling in my coaching business to realize that something had to change. The stress was killing me. I was shattered, overwhelmed, and just so freaking over the hustle. My health was in the toilet. And it became obvious to me that my money karma drama and lack of self-value were running the show and pretty much costing me everything.

I then gave birth to my divine daughter, and something in me changed. I woke up. I had to. I was over my stuff. I was over myself. I was over my shame, blame and victimhood. I was done with the struggle. I was done with economic uncertainty. I was done with hiding and disowning my voice and power. So done.

I remember being in hospital having just given birth to my daughter Aria, and I was still on client calls with nothing much to show for it! This is what I call the ‘people pleaser, good girl syndrome’, and it makes you broke, sick and ready to give up! I spent years going around in circles … over working but with no real financial rewards for my efforts.

I hit rock bottom not long afterwards when my husband lost his job, and I realized I could barely afford to pay $40 a week for a babysitter. 😂

So I did something radical.
✅I increased my fees 20 fold.
✅I detoxed my stinky thinking.
✅I upped my mystical mojo.
✅And I overhauled my sales strategy and went for gold. 💫💫💫👸🙌

I had to release any shame I had around charging for my gifts.

I cleared my money karma drama, and went from hustling to sell $150 sessions to initially selling $6K packages, then $20K packages and onwards to build my million dollar empire! I now have clients and students from all over the world and a groundbreaking business and soul program, High-End Empire, that I adore teaching. 🙌👸💟

Everyday I’m grateful for taking the step to embrace my power and become the CEO diva in my life. God knows I wasn’t made to only be a mama! I wanted deeply to serve others. If you’re like me, this calling resides in your heart too. Your soul aches to be of divine service, but you become lost as you struggle in scarcity and self doubt!

Screw that!


The key to this shift was focusing on GIVING rather than GETTING.

And not only that, when you’re deeply aligned with love and service while truly owning the value of your sacred work, selling $10K packages is easier than selling $100 sessions!😂🎉🎉🎉

What you’re offering becomes powerful, transformative and potent, and your dream clients are happy to pay for your magic and divine support.

Remember, you have to SELL to SERVE at your highest, and it doesn’t need to be slimy or hard. In fact, when you own your divine power and put fear to the side so it’s not running the show, selling will become one of the easiest and most sacred things you’ll ever do.

IT’S TIME TO RELEASE THE SHAME ATTACHED TO SELLING, SERVE DEEPLY, and, in doing so, help thousands of people around the world by SHARING your divine work.

Engaging in divine conversation means focusing on service, not selling.
Focus on love, not force.
Focus on magic, not money.
Focus on owning your wise diva, not being timid or hiding your full and glorious self.

It’s vital to bring that sense of magic and deep heart connection into your selling because without divine connection there can never be divine compensation.
Focus on the vision of what you want to create with your clients and not what you’re going to get out of the call.

It’s in that moment of deep clarity and focus you’re really in your power, deep bonds are made and sales pour in at 10 times more than what you’re currently receiving with 10 times less effort. This is the law of what I call diva flow.



The secret to selling high-ticket offers is to leave your insecurity and scarcity outside the door and begin to serve immediately by being truly present and fully expressing your essence with unambiguous generosity during the conversation. Hear them, love them and guide them into making a powerful choice. Align your energy to love, serve without force or the need to sell, and you will begin to prosper into divine riches.

We need more wealthy empowered women. Will you be one of them?

Apply here to talk to my team if you’re ready to rise, serve and deeply prosper 👉ceodivaconsult.com

In order to rise up, bridge the income gap, and earn real money online, we must call in a new era of shameless wealth empowerment for women. Breaking free from money and self worth drama, will shift you from chronic under-earning to being respected as an expert in your field…with an income to match your brilliance.

Think a whole new you… connected to your inherent power. This is soul liberation that allows you to be truly deeply FREE spiritually, emotionally and financially.

APPLY HERE 👉ceodivaconsult.com

At Ingrid Arna, we stand for the political, social and economic empowerment of all women.

We mean business, and our mission is to show you how to make the dream of your life’s work a reality, without sacrifice or shame.

Ambition is no longer a dirty word. 🔥💃
Working with the divine feminine is honored.
Fierce strategy, leadership and monetizing the heck out of your message is paramount to living your legacy.
Your job is to own it, and our job is to guide you into greatness, impact and financial strength.

This is the day you STOP working so hard, as you completely realign your business so that you are financially, spiritually and emotionally compensated for your transformational work.



💕 I literally prayed for Ingrid to show up! I went from $10k months to $24K rapidly and then 5 months later did my first multi-six figure launch. I am deeply grateful. – Randina Marie, master healer

💕I just made $50,000 from my first webinar, and I sold 30 spots in my membership! I was blown away when I made $50,000 from my first webinar, and I know it’s the tip of the iceberg. Ingrid is one of the most brilliant and generous leaders I know. It took me a long time to find a mentor who I could trust. I have gone through a massive shift in my business. I’m serving at a higher level and connecting more deeply to my innate power, and it feels incredible. My work and my energy have transformed as I own my voice and the power of my work. Ingrid’s power and vibration are so potent that you are transported to a new dimension. – Henna, healer, business diva and angel channel

💕Ingrid created a stellar program and brand strategy for my business. I was blown away by her creativity, insight and speed. Ingrid’s work is a rare mix of soulful vision, strategic marketing and financial planning. If you want a revenue breakthrough that allows for more time and ease to enjoy your life, you need to work with this woman. – Terri Cole, psychotherapist and celebrity coach

💕I went from a startup to $18K days by selling VIP intensives and private immersions. This completely overhauled my life, not just my business! Ingrid guided my copy, positioning, sales, branding and funnel creation. She’s a genius with the biggest heart! – Caitlin McCarthy, nutritionist and transformational teacher

💕We’ve been blown away by her whip-smart strategy, love and integrity. It’s been phenomenal. Unlike many coaches, Ingrid goes above and beyond to hold both the energetic and emotional space along with offering incredible practical monetization. We’ve completely restructured our business, sold 8 spots {just shy of $80,000} in our mastermind within six weeks and are quickly charting our 7-figure expansion with clarity and sustainability. Ingrid moves at the speed of light, and so do we now. Seriously deeply grateful. – Nicky Glover and Natalie Jayne Armstrong, business strategists

Apply here to talk to my diva team>> ceodivaconsult.com 👩🏻‍🎤💕

Love and so many divine riches,

Ingrid Arna signed with LOVE





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Who Is Ingrid Arna?

Ingrid Arna is a Leading Intuitive Business Strategist and the founder of CEO Diva Business School and the Gucci of online business programs, High-End Empire. She’s been endorsed by Kate Winslet for her work and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Instyle, Huffington Post, Good Health Magazine and on The Steve Harvey Show. Ingrid leads visionary entrepreneurs into conscious wealth and global impact without sacrificing their soul. The only new year’s resolution she’s been able to stick to since becoming a mother is quadrupling her prices and giving up her thongs for granny pants. She’s never been happier.


Here’s a taste of her work:

● Started her career at
A Current Affair at 20
● Launched her own clothing line, BodyLove, in NYC
● Wrote her book BodyLove Diet, endorsed by Kate Winslet, which helped thousands of women to get their self-love mojo back in the game
● Created a TV show on women’s empowerment with supermodel Carré Otis
● Forged a partnership with one of New York’s leading ad agencies
● Raised $350,000 in capital for a start-up company
● Presented on QVC, the home shopping network (what a trippy experience!)


Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.