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The truth is I went from making $30K a year grinding along and freaking out about where my next client was coming from to a $3M 💸 a year business with a waitlist to work with me privately—in just five years.

How the heck does that happen?

Well, that’s exactly what I teach. 😉

What can I say? It’s a lot better being rich than poor.

I have no shame receiving DIVINE COMPENSATION 🙌 for my work and neither should you, diva.

I was SO FREAKING OVER my suffering, shame, and insecurity. 😖

I married a talented man with no money, which in hindsight lit a fire under my ASS 🍑 to take divine action!

I knew I had to figure out my finances, or I’d be back living in my mother’s basement within a few years!

Once I stopped playing the victim and overcame the shame of losing my previous company in NYC to fraud, I was able to:

💎 earn my first $150K in 8 months (I know it sounds rah-rah, but it’s the truth).
💎 fill my mastermind in 3 months with a list skinnier than a supermodel.
💎 rock a $400K launch for my renowned online group program, High-End Empire.
💎 grow a 7-figure business within two years with a baby on my hip.
💎 hit $3M in revenue in 2020 while working part-time… heck, yes!

Trust me, you don’t have to stress your head out with crazy launches 🚀 either.

And you don’t have to run yourself into the ground.

You can do what you love, make big money, and spend your time the way you want, including enjoying more time with your family and loved ones. 💞

In the process of my financial ascension, I’ve been able to pass THIS DIVINE FEMME FORTUNE FRAMEWORK 📈 onto thousands of women, and I’m only just beginning.

At Ingrid Arna, we stand for the political, social, and economic empowerment of all women. 💃

We mean business when it comes to moving your life’s work off your vision board and into FREAKING REALITY. 🦋

It’s going to take AMBITION—which isn’t a dirty word around here.

You’re going to need to work with the divine feminine. 🙏

And you’re going to need fierce strategy, leadership, and the know-how to monetize the heck out of your message.

Our job is to guide you into your greatness and show you the path to financial strength and sustainable and scalable cashflow.

This is the day you STOP ❌ working so hard as you completely realign your business, so you’re financially, spiritually, and emotionally compensated for your transformational work.

I know you hear the call 📣 to rise.

But here’s the brutal truth:

What most coaches are saying you should do to grow your business doesn’t work. Period.

It may get you to 6 figures (with a whole lot of hustle and headache), but it won’t get you much further than that.

How you do business at $100K is a completely different strategic paradigm to earning 7 figures. 💰

And to go to the next level, both personally and professionally, you need to master a different mindset and business strategy.

This new paradigm isn’t just about marketing and money.

It’s about living the new archetype of a successful woman where we celebrate 🥂 and honor the divine feminine. It’s about getting support structures in place, so you can focus on working in your zone of genius.

It’s also about serving at your highest potential.

I invite you to STOP working so hard and START building a life and business that will truly light you up. ⚡

Fighting against who we are is a nightmare.

If you’re a queen diva 👑 and warrior ⚔️ vixen, you can’t be freaking Cinderella or a damsel in distress! You have to be all that you are in every moment, or you die a little more with each and every breath.

E-learning is a US$325 billion 💰 industry.
Isn’t it time you claimed your divine piece of it?

Looking for a new way to transform your life ✨ and ready to create profound change in others?

Well, you’re in the right place. 😉

Get my #1 strategy that made all of the above possible for me, so you can rise into SERVICE & SALES.

Book in for your FREE coaching call ☎️ here 👉 ceodivachat.com.

Lots of love and divine riches,

Fixated on your divine success,

Ingrid Arna signed with LOVE

Ingrid Arna
Leading 7-Figure Strategist


The first 5 women who sign up for High-End Empire Divamind 👑 over the NEXT 3 days will receive a special fast action bonus: 1:1 RICH DIVA daily voxer (audio messaging) coaching and support for a month with Tori, my head strategist!

She’ll look at the juicy and divine details of your business to ensure you have that cash flow 💸 purring along like a MONEY DIVA. Plus I’ll also check in with special MONEY AND BRAND ACTIVATIONS for you. 😉

We’ll dive into your offers, funnels, and sales process and inject a new lease of life into everything that’s needed to get you moving in the direction of those $15K+ months.

And that bonus alone is worth $10,000! 😲

Talk soon, gorgeous! 💋


Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.