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Savvy women get


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Quantum Wealth Activated

Quantum Wealth Activated

Be honest diva,

Do any of these situations sound embarrassingly familiar? 👀

❌ You’re not attracting enough clients who are willing to invest the big bucks, and it’s driving you crazy.

❌ You’re making good money, but you’re still underearning because FIVE OR SIX FIGURES IS NOT FREEDOM.

❌ You’re working way too many hours, and you’re exhausted—and it’s beginning to peeve you off!

❌ You’re a little bit freaked out (who are you kidding? It’s a shizz-load freaked out) about how to take your business and life to the next level, yet you sense you were BORN for more.

❌ You have a message that you’re called to share with the world, but you’re still not really doing it at the level you know you need to.

❌ You dream of playing a bigger game with more time for those you LOVE—and more time for you—yet you’re still a hidden gem in your industry.

If this is you, then let me tell you a secret—


You can’t experience epic business growth by staying there.

In fact, you’re only going to sink further into an addiction to invisibility and staying stuck in victim shizz if you don’t make a radical vow to yourself right now to RISE. 🙏

This is where your struggle ends ❌, powerhouse woman.

It’s time to take responsibility for your life and your bank balance. 💰

And it simply starts with you owning your inherent power 💥 and committing to yourself and your divine calling with complete and unapologetic courage.

It’s time to leap into a whole new bank balance, diva.

This goes way beyond making more money. 🙌

It’s about working with grace 🌈 and aligning with your personal power as you share your divine message with impact—sacrifice-free! 🙏

Well-behaved women rarely make history. 💖

If you want to seriously grow your wealth, 7-Figure Divamind will enable you to ramp up your income 💸 with advanced strategy, systems, sisterhood, and soul.

This is your permission to free yourself from illusion and dissolve the patriarchal business model, so you can rock making money while serving at your highest potential—all this while in alignment with your soul and with double the flow, fierceness, and fun. 🔥

You have a message to share, and you know you need to break free from hard core hustle and hiding yourself from your potential clients and customers. ✅

If you’re over the suffering, exhaustion, and overwhelm that so many brilliant entrepreneurs face, you have to change what you’re doing right now. ⚡

Let me tell you, the quickest way to clarity and cash is to tap into what has already been proven to work online. 💻

7-Figure Divamind promises to reconnect you to your inherent power, 💥 allowing you to truly show up, shine, 🌟 and close sales from a place of love, empowerment, and service. ❤️

If you follow my lead and commit to doing the work, you’ll be able to significantly grow your income by becoming a powerful leader, grounded in your message and gifts. ✨

Whether your business has painfully stalled at six figures or your bank account is back in overdraft for the third month in a row, 7-Figure Divamind is the remedy.

Here’s a short list of the content we’ll cover together to ensure that cash begins to flow for you:

1. 7-Figure Sales Goddess: 👑 Comprehensive advanced sales coaching will guide you through your entire sales strategy, positioning you to sell out your digital offers and/or your masterminds, retreats, and private programs.

2. Automation and funnels: 🚀 Learn how to set-up automated systems to build a community that buys from you every single day.

3. Million Dollar Messenger: 🦄 Own your message, build a tribe, and change the world by sharing your heart, truth, and divine power. Without the ability to truly stand in your message, growing your business and living from your soul purpose will be nearly impossible. As soon as you unleash your message, there are no limits for your business, your income, or your life. When you own your message, the impossible becomes possible, as you connect, inspire, and lead millions.

4. Gifted: 🎁 This process is a sacred soul system that will allow you to truly own and clarify your genius and purpose. It requires a healing journey that is both gentle and profound, as you begin to release all beliefs, stories, and illusion that have kept you from owning, unleashing, and embodying the wisdom of your GIFT. The Gifted process will ensure you build a business that’s in alignment with your soul’s true values {and thus dissolve all distraction and energetic drains}, so you can have an immeasurable impact on a global audience from a place of fierce femme power and nourishment. For you, my divine friend, are GIFTED.

5. Va-Va-Voom Video Vixen: 🎥 Discover exactly how to own your voice and stand in your power to connect with your audience and sell to them with HEART.

6. Organic Client Attraction: 💖 This system will show you how to drive traffic and sales without it costing you a cent. This is what we call our ‘NO COST CLIENT ACQUISITION’ system. It’s life changing.

7. 7-Figure Webinar Diva: 👸 The perfect system to sell out your offers with ease and make more money than you ever have before {without drinking tequila to drown your fear}.

8. The Psychology of a 7-Figure Brand: 👩‍🎤 Learn how to stand out, establish trust, and become a market leader by unleashing the power and message of your brand.

9. CEO Diva Coaching Ascension: 🔥 Let’s uplevel your coaching skills! You’ll become a super sassy coaching master and activate your genius like never before. We’ll put the Zen back into your soul and make you glow with confidence, divine intuition, and crystal clear clarity, leaving your clients buzzing with excitement and focus after every session.

10. Content is Queen: 😍 You’ll receive guidance and support in creating all the worksheets, exercises, questionnaires, and rituals that are needed for your signature program. As you create your program, you’ll evolve and transform both within yourself and your teachings. You’ll be guided each step of the way to tap into your divine intelligence, giving you the mojo you need to truly OWN your wisdom and share it with divine STRENGTH, COURAGE, and LOVE.

11. Energy Goddess Clearing: 🌈 The healing work that you’ll receive will be vital to your success. I’ll take you through guided visualizations, potent priestess clearings, and divine healing rituals to inspire you to release all that is NOT truly abundant in your life. Together, we’ll rewire your thinking and, in doing so, completely shift your energetic and emotional energy systems. When you clear your fears and release your subconscious beliefs, you’ll become a magnetic, abundant Diva. Unless you clear the junk in your trunk, creating success will always put you in an exhausting funk. Who wants that? Not you, CEO Diva.

12. IP Goddess: 📲 You’ll develop your own personal healing, coaching, or business training methodology with our deep support and strategies. This will allow you to step into the leadership position as the go-to Goddess in your field.

The power of Ingrid’s work is beyond words: just being in the vortex of her fierce, activating energy, which leaves no room for hesitation, feeling small, or being afraid of your own power, takes you immediately to first class both energetically and strategically! She really sees you. Also her deep compassion and dedication towards making this world a better place through empowering women are very important for me. She embodies the femme power role model of the new era.” – Deepthi, author, spiritual teacher and leader.

Lots of love and divine riches,

Ingrid Arna signed with LOVE

Ingrid Arna
Leading 7-Figure Strategist

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.