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Manifest more money, clients, and fame online

Manifest more money, clients, and fame online

Gorgeous woman,

Let’s have a heart-to-heart. 💞

As women, we’ve been force-fed beliefs that reinforce the patriarchal view of our role in society, including—

❌ “Don’t be too assertive.”

❌ “Don’t charge too much for your work.”

❌ “Play small.”

❌ “Don’t dream too big.”

So. Many. Friggin. Limitations… 🙄

As though we’re expected to blend into the background. 🏙️

To keep us from shining our lights and reclaiming our power and position. [email protected] that! It’s time to kick the constraints to the curb because guess what? The “good girl” role doesn’t get you sh#t. I can promise you that.

Sadly, thanks to the social conditioning forced on us from childhood, so many women are trapped ⛓️ in a constant state of over-giving and underearning. It’s like a never-ending roller-coaster ride 🎢 of highs and lows. I know this reality from firsthand experience, but I also know how to escape the grind and get rich online. And I’m letting you know that it doesn’t have to be feast or famine in your business.

Making money online is an art 🎨 that you can master with deep spiritual work 🙏 and a bad-ass strategy that allows you to transform lives in a powerful way.

I want you to get what I’m about to tell you deep in your soul… If you really want to manifest money 💰 and build a successful online 📈 business, it all starts with YOU.

So ditch the mental and emotional saboteurs and stop waiting on validation or permission from others. 🙅‍♀️ If you hold on to pain and keep searching for approval, you’re going to be broke as f#ck. Start to embody your value and worth. At this moment, make a sacred vow to unleash the flow of divine abundance by releasing pain and dissolving energetic karma drama from every single cell of your being. 🦋✨

Gorgeous, let me ask you something… Are you fully committed to living a life of limitless financial abundance? 🤔 Or are you still waiting, complaining, and hesitating? You do realize you have only one life right? If you’re ready for a femme as [email protected], cut the [email protected]#t journey on divine wealth reprogramming, let’s go! 💃👑

Divine lady, if you want to make more money, attract more clients, and scale your business at the speed of light, ⚡ you need to create an iconic brand.

I know you may be thinking, “that’s easy for her to say”, but 6 years ago, I lost a company in New York, returned to Australia, and started from zero. On top of that, I’d been suffering from pain and anxiety for several years. Today, I can say that I’ve made over $10 million 💸 in sales by using very deliberate strategies to build my brand and focusing on serving women who are ready to claim their power, do their work in the world, 🌎 and make more money.

And my clients are living, walking, talking, and profit-filled proof! 👯‍♀️

I want you to know that if I can build an iconic brand, you can too. So if you truly want to understand how to become a millionaire, I invite you to deeply internalize the strategies I’m sharing with you. 🙏

Developing your brand starts with embodying personal power. You have to strongly believe that you deserve a beautiful, booming business. 👑 Otherwise, I’ve got news for you, gorgeous: it’s not going to happen. You must change your neural pathways in order to shift your vibration and manifest positive energy, which is the very foundation of a prosperous and femme-aligned business. 🙌

To fast-track this process, the 7 FIGURE DIVA METHOD ✨ is a divine and proven immersion for you to master a new mindset and implement a high-level strategy, so you can start making a mint 💸 online for your divine work. It also ensures that you:

💎 deeply serve your clients with ethics and grace

💎 unleash your divine feminine energy and get confident-AF

💎 craft your most transformative and drool-worthy offer

💎 transform your pain and trauma into prosperity

💎 ditch the chronic hustle, work less, and put an end to underearning

💎 attract your dream clients and take your business to astronomical heights

💎 monetize your brand so you can rise into financial sovereignty

💎 get booked out at the speed of light

💎 change the trajectory of your life and business forever.

Gorgeous, you’re being called upon to claim your wildness, desire, vision, voice, and divinity. 🔮🪄 But to do this, you must understand exactly who you are and how you can serve others. 😌

I know there are times you may feel like you’re not good enough or sufficiently knowledgeable to make it work. And I know how that feels. People see me now and believe that I’ve always been super confident. But I wasn’t always this way. Just a few years ago I had very little confidence, no connections, and an email list skinnier than a supermodel! I’m telling you this so you don’t ever let your insecurities get in the way of limitless abundance and the life you desire.

Use your divine gifts 🎁 and turn your message 💬 into money. 💵

Start by deeply understanding your audience and becoming laser lucid clear on your messaging. Your dream clients should be able to understand exactly what it is you do, so they can hit that ‘Buy’ button with deep confidence! 😍💘

Manifest your magic 🙏🔮 by using your life experiences to create an exquisite and energetic signature message. By transforming your mess into your message and crafting relevant, juicy content, your brand will deeply resonate with your audience.

Your experiences are unique to you.

And I can tell you from the depth of my soul, you will NEVER regret standing in your truth. 😘

Unbridled power comes from demonstrating authenticity and connecting emotionally with potential clients.


You have to know your business, vision, and the intention behind your work inside-out until your message becomes part of you and the energy ⚡ of it flows effortlessly and authentically to those who come within your vortex. 💫

Trust me, if you’re crystal-clear with your messaging and speak from the heart, ❤️ you will become a booked-out boss diva! ❤💃

As a mystic, coach, or healer, 💃 you’re expected to bring healing to your clients and give them your highest level of service. But the truth is, no one will buy from you if you don’t prove to them that you can teach.

Gorgeous woman, if you want to boost 🚀 sales, you need to be visible online.

People need to know you exist, so stop hiding your brilliance. Instead, use your trauma and past “mistakes and failures” and alchemize them into your sacred teaching. The world is waiting for you to show up and blow up (in a good way)! 😉

Your potential clients need to understand exactly what you do and how you are uniquely positioned to help them. Use your yoni power to become a Va-Va-VoomVideo 🎥 Vixen. Pick a medium that your potential clients use. It could be Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, or LinkedIn 📲 — the choice is yours — but use that platform to tell every ounce of your story, including who you are, what you do, and your life experiences.

I know that a lot of women are afraid of public speaking. 📣 Women fear being ostracized, criticized, judged and even censored. 😨 I can definitely relate to those fears because I felt the same way when I started my online career. But I made a decision to release that fear, take a stand for my work, and share my knowledge.

Yes, it can be uncomfortable in the beginning. But you’re doing this because you want to birth a business into life by making an impact 💥 and serving others. 🙌 Speaking to your audience is a beautiful way to form deep connections with your community. And the sacred truth is, if you don’t connect with others, you’re not going to have conversions.

You may not believe me when I say it but I used to HATE sales. 🙄 So much so that when I did my very first webinar, I chickened out of doing my sales pitch. I was petrified that people would think I was a money-hungry cow. So what changed? (I certainly knew I didn’t want to have another failed business behind me.)

I vowed 🙏 to master the art of sales and subsequently made a complete perspective shift in my life and business by: ✨

❤️ stopping the self-sabotaging drama

❤️ selling to dream clients and serving them deeply with love and understanding

❤️ creating a space for dream clients to say yes to investing in themselves

❤️ developing forward-focused solutions via outcome manifestations

❤️ clearly articulating and expressing the profound outcomes potential clients would achieve by working with me.

I started positioning my offer with power. And no, I don’t mean forcing a sale on someone. I shared my expertise and helped dream clients finally achieve the transformations 🦋 they’d been praying for.

When it comes to selling, your focus isn’t on how you can benefit from your potential client. It’s about selling and serving from your sacred soul to theirs, giving more than you’re getting, and fully understanding your client’s problem. The goal is for your solution to be so divinely packaged 🎁 and aligned to your client that it makes them wonder, “How did she get into my head?” 🤔

Most importantly, the focus of your initial call ☎️ with your prospective client is to ensure they have an incredible and valuable experience with you by:

✅ deeply listening and empathizing with their struggles.

✅ always (and I mean ALWAYS!) taking notes.

✅ asking the right questions.

​​✅ guiding your prospect towards her desired vision and divine transformation!

✅ bringing your A-game because sales and service go hand-in-hand!

✅ having the utmost respect for your prospective client to ensure she feels seen and heard on every level.

Following this transformational journey is THE ROADMAP 🗺️ to increase sales and grow a successful online business. When you take your potential client through this divine process, it leads to an automatic and sacred YES! 🤩🙌

If you want more money, 💰 clients and fame online as you build a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND, apply now for a chat 💬 with one of my strategists.

We’ll innovate a plan for you to scale like a boss diva. 👑

Lots of love and divine riches,

Ingrid Arna signed with LOVE

Ingrid Arna
Leading 7-Figure Strategist

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.