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Let’s heal the sisterhood wound, divine diva!

Let’s heal the sisterhood wound, divine diva!

Happy International Women’s Day, gorgeous diva!

I’d love to take a moment to recognize your beauty, strength and resilience.

Today, I want to talk to you about the concept of being a “woman’s woman”


We are the healers, the leaders and the visionaries the world needs right now.

I send love today to all the women trapped in the Ukraine and also to the Russian women and mothers whose sons have been sent to fight, some of whom had no choice but to join the war.

In order for us to release our destructive dedication to playing small and eradicate the toxic energy of envy, competition and comparison so we can all embody our true potential, we need divine healing and unity on a global scale.

Diva, growing up I often heard—
“Ingrid, you’re too loud!”
“You take up too much space!”
“You want TOO much.”
“Don’t act like you know too much.”
“Who do you think you are?!”
“Go work for the government to earn money and have security.”

Knowing what I do now, after decades of hiding my power and abiding by the rules of the patriarchy, I realize that my parents brought me up this way because they wanted to protect me from becoming “a target” of other women.

And while the intention was loving, their way of raising me was 100% led by the trauma of the sisterhood wound.

What is the sisterhood wound, you ask?

Gorgeous, it’s the toxic idea (perpetuated by the patriarchy, of course) that women must compete for limited resources and step on other women if we want to make it to the top.

I played that game, serving OBNOXIOUS CEO dudes who yelled and spoke to me in ways I hope you never have to experience in your life.

I was alienated from my divine femme and separated from my sisters.

And diva, the sad truth is that I’m NOT an isolated case.

Women everywhere are still suffering from the sisterhood wound. We’ve been exploited for CENTURIES to make good use of our labor, love and light while keeping us poor and “in line”…

The patriarchy stands for destruction, chaos, domination, and, just look at Europe right now, WAR.

If more women were in power, we wouldn’t be on the brink of a world war threatening to wipe us all off the face of this earth.

👀 I mean, just look at what happened during the pandemic. Only 4 out of 196 countries were recognized as leaders in keeping their citizens safe and sane…

Those were Germany, New Zealand, Denmark, and Taiwan.

The common denominator?

Women in power.

But the patriarchy has long started a campaign to DIVIDE and conquer us…

Old, male-led regimes work by poisoning our minds and alienating us from one another with the illusion that there’s not enough to go around so we need to compete with each other…

All while PRETENDING to celebrate us ONE day of the year.

That’s cute.

I see right through it.

Let me give you an example of the patriarchy manipulating you:

Have you ever thought or said things like…

“I can’t compete with her—she’s so much better than me!”


“How come she’s doing better than me—have you seen how she looks! Does she even own a mirror?!” {The size of your ass has nothing to do with how happy or successful you are! Another freaking lie that traps women in self-abuse.}

Diva, this isn’t you thinking and saying those things.

This is the sisterhood wound manifesting into our judgment of each other!

We feel like we are in a constant invisible WAR with our sisters on social media and offline.

Comparing, judging, gossiping, and even all-out trolling.


No to hatred.
No to envy.
No to judgment.

Divine woman, I’m here, stepping out loud and proud as a fierce-as-f*ck femme leader.

A woman’s woman.

A woman who is FOR women. I have spent the last 7 years of my life building a femme-centric empire to LIBERATE women from the sisterhood wound.

My goal when I started wasn’t to get rich.

It was to lead a movement of radical female empowerment.

I built a divinely rich and lush business in the process, and now I want to support you, diva, to do the same — bringing you back to the endless source of goddess power inside you because once you tap into it, you’ll BE UNSTOPPABLE.

I’m going to be brutally honest here…

You will always be OWNED by someone or something outside of you.

That is is why I have hand-picked every single member of my femme-centric team. I am a woman’s woman and each member of my team HAS to be too.

The only thing we judge is performance.

And we do so to evaluate and improve.

Stepping into my diva vortex will forever change the way you think and act.

You’ll replace anxiety with abundance.

Envy with boundless energy.

Hate with hope.

You’ll be immensely supported by myself and my team all the way through your femme leader journey.

And one day, when there are enough empowered goddess leaders firmly living in their feminine power and wisdom…

The world will begin healing too.

But it starts with YOU, powerful diva.

It’s time to set yourself FREE, goddess.

Diva, I’d love to invite you to connect with my team and I. We are 100% unapologetically women’s women. We stand WITH you—not against you.

Inside our divine programs, I’ve created a sacred space where women support each other. We celebrate together and sometimes cry together. There is NO judgment. We work with ALL women… your background, culture, religion or even the way you look does not matter inside our vortex.

Some love to glam it up and some turn up au natural, and we all LOVE and CELEBRATE each other. THE LOVE IS PURE. THE DIVINE FEMME ASCENSION IS POTENT AND INEVITABLE.

Come as you are. We will meet you where you’re at.

If you’re ready to give the finger to the patriarchy and quit fake competition and the toxic sisterhood wound once and for all…

Let us guide you and hold your hand every step of the way, as you rise into an entirely new mindset and generate divine riches.

Book a call with one of our strategists to map out the next $100K, $200K, or $500K in your business today.

Let’s kick International Women’s Day in the pants, my love, and really bring the BIG pussy energy to ascend into pleasure, prosperity and limitless passion.

Lots of love and divine riches,

Ingrid Arna signed with LOVE

Ingrid Arna
Leading 7-Figure Strategist

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.