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Goddess Cerridwen: Calling in potent transformation

Goddess Cerridwen: Calling in potent transformation



2020 brought us a radically different new year than what we had in 2019, wouldn’t you agree?

While we felt a sense of excitement for a new decade last year, we’ve been on a rollercoaster ride 🎢 of reality this year that brings a different vibration of anticipation.

Even though there has been so much destruction, I see how last year set us up for a divine rebirth in 2021. 😍

As January rolls in, institutions of the past and old patriarchal paradigms are finally crumbling.

We’re taking a stand as individuals and as a global community to bring down the toxic forces behind structural societal oppression, racial inequalities, gender discrimination, sexual exploitation, and political corruption. 🔥

It can feel like things are (still) pretty intense, 😨but as divine feminine leaders of a financial, emotional, and spiritual revolution on this planet, we won’t be silenced or kept down any longer.

How are you lifting the veil to see yourself and your divine trajectory to wealth 💰 and wellness 🙏 more clearly right now?

There’s an ever-growing presence of the Goddess. 👑 She’s making herself known… perhaps you’ve felt it too?

The call for cooperation, community, sisterhood, reflection, self-care, and restoration is growing. 💖

In your life, you may have felt a longing for a new way of working, one of service and ease rather than hustle and exhaustion.

Power with rather than power over. ✨❤️

Socio-economic freedom for all, not just the few.

It’s hardly surprising the energy of the Goddess is becoming stronger as we enter these unprecedented times and begin to dream into being the act of co-creating a ‘new world’ and birthing a new way of living. 🙏

If you find yourself feeling lost or confused right now, call on the Celtic Goddess Cerridwen, the Goddess of Transformation and the Keeper of the Cauldron. 🙏

She’s an often misunderstood Goddess and seen as a ‘witch’ 🧙‍♀️ when she’s really a mother Goddess with a story of deep love for her children. 🥰

As the Goddess of Transformation and the Keeper of the Cauldron, she has the transformative power of wisdom, creativity, and magic to help us rebirth into something new, which is essential to move us through these changing times. 💫

Call on her and ask her to show you what in your life is ready to be released and transformed, 🔥 so you may emerge restored, aligned, and on-purpose.

Her symbol of the cauldron is like a saucepan, a vessel to create nourishing ‘food’ for the body, mind, and soul, and reminds us to look after ourselves first. 💛 The higher our vibration and level of self-love, the better we will transcend these times.

Her cauldron also reminds us to bring ALL of ourselves to life. When making soup, the individual ingredients may taste good by themselves, but blend them altogether and you have something richer, heartier, and tastier. 😊 Just as with yourself, your individual attributes may be celebrated, but when you bring your whole self to life, quirks and all, the magic really begins! 🦄

✅ To get clear on how we want to show up in life.
✅ To get clear on the kind of world we want to create and pass on to future generations.

We can only begin to gain this kind of clarity when we become intimate with ourselves, claim our deepest dreams and desires, and fully accept and embody ALL of ourselves. 🦋

Allow yourself to melt into Cerridwen’s Cauldron as you surrender to the ‘darkness’ of rest and nourishment and start dreaming into being the life you’re ready to birth. ✨

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Whenever I set an intention and do the necessary planning work for my goal, not only does it come to fruition, I usually surpass it. Because here’s what I know to be true: when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It’s not enough to simply want it, you have to put your big girl panties on and do the work. 💪

Diva, are you ready to make 2021 your juiciest 🍑 year yet? This goes beyond money. This is about unleashing your sacred work and living in true abundance on ALL levels. 💫

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This year I wish for you that ALL that you desire comes to life a million times over! 😘🥰

Have a juicy, rich new year, diva! 🥂

Ingrid Arna signed with LOVE

Ingrid Arna

Leading 7-Figure Strategist


Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.