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New Year Full Moon Alchemy: Detox your life and enter 2023 with a clean slate, divine woman!

New Year Full Moon Alchemy: Detox your life and enter 2023 with a clean slate, divine woman!

The year’s first Full Moon is here, gorgeous!

Now’s the perfect time to grab your journal and review your intentions for 2023.

Full moons teach us that we can only make space for the new by letting go of the old. So if there’s anything that doesn’t serve you anymore…


People pleasing and playing small?
Not asking for what you want?
Not charging your worth fearlessly?
Staying stuck in your money karma drama?
Not honoring your needs and boundaries?
Not showing up authentically online?

Oh, that’s so 2022.

As the Earth’s energy field is moving more and more into the feminine to create balance in our masculine-dominant world, we are being deeply supported to step into our power and create a nourishing life that heals us, those around us, and the entire world.

So listen up, darling woman…

‘Tis the time for a big HOLISTIC LIFE DETOX.

Harness the potent energy of this soul-cleansing Cancer Full Moon and make a list of what you need to remove from your life, business, and energy field so you can…

REWRITE your limiting thought patterns
HEAL your relationship with money and receiving
BECOME your most powerful CEO DIVA self
and MAKE space for more divine abundance.

To deepen this process, use these mantras and anchor yourself in your new reality, gorgeous.

I let go of everything that’s not serving my purpose and higher self.
I release all low-vibrational, negative energy from my body, mind, and soul.
I am worthy of love, money, success, and support.
I allow myself to receive all that I desire.
All worries and fears are removed from my system with ease and grace.
I am the co-creatrix of my divine reality.
I trust that I am always supported and guided by the Universe.


There’s no better time to ditch your money karma drama and detox yourself from the belief patterns keeping you stuck in a cruel cycle of under-earning and over-giving.

So if you want to manifest more ease, fulfillment, divine joy, and financial abundance into your life in 2023, we’ve got you.

Apply for a zero-commitment, heart-to-heart chat with one of my diva wealth strategists today and we’ll dive straight in.

Here’s the thing…

Money is NOT the enemy. It’s NOT the ‘root of all evil’.

Money is a sacred tool.
A divine expander.
A fast-track ticket to your wildest dreams.

I’m all about the financial ascension of women because the world needs more financially thriving, empowered, and turned-on divas to shake up the status quo and shift the toxic patriarchal paradigm we’ve been born into.

We can choose a different path.

If you’re ready for change, my success coaches and I are here to guide you to a new reality.

One where scarcity is a thing of the past.

Where the energy of abundance, divine femme flow, and ancestral feminine wisdom are running through your veins day in and day out.

Where being rich-AF is the new norm.

Where money turns you on instead of giving you anxiety attacks on the reg.

Where money — one of the most potent energies of the quantum — is your sacred lover.

A lover that wants to give, give, and give… until you overflow with ecstasy. Until money is not something separate from you, but an energetic code within that you can always activate and multiply.

That’s the way of the Creatrix, divine one.

So if you’re ready to make 2023 the year when you finally activate cash flow with soul and step into financial sovereignty with divine ease, apply for a free CEO DIVA BUSINESS REVIEW today.

Making 6 and 7 figures is your birthright.

Love and full moon riches,
Ingrid Arna signed with LOVE

Ingrid Arna
Leading 7-Figure Strategist

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.