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Are You Unconsciously Stuck in a Life of Fear?

Are You Unconsciously Stuck in a Life of Fear?

Hello gorgeous woman!

Here’s what I cover in this delicious video:

• How to break free from scarcity
• How to identify if you’re hoarding and holding on to money
• How holding on to money can stop the flow and keep you trapped, feeling unwell and fearful, and in a place of struggle
• The simple and powerful process to attract more clients over the holidays
• How to open yourself up to a deeper level of receiving and abundance.



I’ve recently realized that I’ve always been very good at manifestation. I’ve created a number of businesses, worked in a variety of industries in Australia and NYC and was the type of girl who had boyfriends who would whisk her away on a Jet to remote islands when I was 18 and 19 years old. Friends and family have always asked me how I made my dreams a reality. I haven’t always dated rich boyfriends but I’ve always attracted amazing people and incredible opportunities.

An important aspect to manifesting is not holding onto stuff with fear of not receiving more. I’ve never felt the need to hold onto things. Money and wealth are not the most important things for me. This is an extension of how I behave and show up in my life. To give, to pass things on and to allow abundance to flow into my life.

I see many women hoarding money like they have a feeling of absolute scarcity. When you do that not only does it create a cycle of financial struggle and poverty, it can also creates sickness, stagnation and ‘stuckness’. Life can begin to treat you in the same way when you exhibit that type of behavior because you’re putting out a very clear message to the universe that there isn’t enough to go around. If I have a beautiful handbag, I use it. I also give away possessions I don’t use. This may not be for everybody, but this is what feels right for me. For example, yesterday my sister and I went to see my 96-year-old grandmother and aunt. I was wearing a beautiful, expensive pearl necklace that my sister had given to me. But it wasn’t really my style and I knew I wouldn’t wear it often. So I wanted to give it to my aunt, who is also my godmother. At first my sister questioned why I would do that. I explained that it felt like I was holding onto something that I wouldn’t get as much joy out of as I know my aunt would. So with my sister’s permission, we co-gave it to our aunt who was delighted.

Even during periods where I didn’t have a lot of capital, I still spent my money on things that made me feel really beautiful and lush. I’m living in the energy, in the vortex of that which I wish to receive. So when I started making a lot more money selling high end, I didn’t just take all of that money and put it into my business. Of course that’s part of it, but part of it is having an environment that makes me feel really rich. We can cultivate that within our own frequency without buying things, of course, but for me it’s like passing on the energy—creating the never-ending flow of abundance. When I spend money, I also set a very clear intention that I will receive that money back 10 or 100 fold. That way my vibration is founded on the understanding, the knowing, that there’s always more coming. Whenever I spend money, whether by investing in my business, buying something nice for my family or self, giving gifts to clients and friends, I do it with so much joy and excitement knowing that the person will receive a divine gift from my heart. They’re going to know that I deeply care and that I’m thinking of them. By doing this, I also then magnetize more abundance in my life.

I’ve also witnessed women restricting themselves by not investing in programs, or coaches, or even working with me. Sometimes they’ll say things like, I don’t have the money. That is a belief—a mindset—that keeps people incredibly stuck. Every woman who has joined one of my programs has changed her life in some way on a deeply spiritual, soulful, energetic level. So you have to really be mindful of where your frequency is at and what future you’re setting up for yourself. When you have that sense of hoarding and not enoughness, it shuts the flow down.

This is what investing in my business looks like for me right now. I have another launch of High-End Empire coming up, and I’m looking at how I can spend money to ensure that I’m putting my message out there. My goal is to help more people, so my focus is on spreading the word. I’m always looking at how my money is going to multiply. How my love and sharing and care is going to multiple. Many of my clients in my higher end CEO Diva program regularly say things like, oh my gosh, you’re so generous, or oh my gosh, you show up so much, or oh my gosh, the way that you give is ridiculous. I don’t feel that at all because giving doesn’t exist in a vacuum. I receive so much love back from my clients.

Of course, building a business at that level requires a lot of support and a team, and I also take incredibly good care of myself. It doesn’t mean I don’t get tired. I have a masseuse that comes to my house, I have acupuncture weekly, and I’m committed to giving. It fills my heart with so much expansion, and my business keeps multiplying. A couple of months ago I was working at a deep level on High-End Empire, and I told my husband Chris that I really wanted to buy an infrared sauna. I dropped $3,000. Bang. That has been one of the best investments I could have made. So I’m constantly investing and spending money. I could have kept that $3,000 for more Facebook ads or put it back into my business in another way. But it’s a final line: you want to put capital in your business obviously, but who’s to say that using that money for Facebook ads rather than buying the sauna would have been a better investment for me? That infrared sauna multiplies my abundance and allows me to take really good care of myself so that I can show up more for my clients. All these things really help me to feel lush and have allowed me to expand my mind around what I can create.

So let’s talk about manifesting clients while you’re on holiday. Be mindful around what you’re putting out there. I tune into the type of energy that I want to have with the people I work with. I don’t do many sales calls anymore, but when someone whose energy I really feel and like approaches me, I go with it. I get on a call, feel their energy, and make a decision after we’ve had a chance to connect. I want to work with women who I feel can benefit from my help and I want to see them rock it. I really believe that if you want to make $5K, $10K over the holidays you can do that. If it’s not in alignment, that’s fine too, but if you do, then you need to put it out to the universe. Whether clients choose to work with me or not, it’s so beautiful to see that when we set those intentions, the universe always delivers. When you’re in alignment with what you desire, things happen so beautifully.

If you want to become a manifesting Queen over the next few weeks, take time to sit, meditate, connect, and deep dive into seeing and feeling the future that you want to create because that’s where the potent magic of manifesting lies. Let go of any doubt, negativity and feelings of scarcity.

My biggest, most potent mantra at the moment is I give and I receive. This mantra creates an endless flow.

When people become stuck in a scarcity mindset by thinking there are no clients or that it’s difficult to attract clients, they are sending out a vibration of scarcity, of lack. In reality, thousands of clients are waiting for you and what you offer — they just don’t know that you exist yet. We all need to make the decision to shine our lights brightly, get out of hiding and be strategic in our marketing. When you take deliberate action, you get results.

In terms of taking deliberate action in my business to ensure that the flow continues, I’ve been talking with my team about the need to be agile. What do I mean by this? Well, it means implementing ideas efficiently. As well as all the programs and resources we already have, I have other inspirations on money, mindset and alignment and emotional cures. I really want to release this content quickly. So as we come up with ideas, the team needs to be agile in their implementation. When things take too long, it feels stuck and blocks the flow of work.

By having a rock solid team around me, I’ve ensured that I have the support that I need to implement my ideas quickly. So I want to encourage you to gather the support you need to grow your business.

Spending money, making money and receiving money is such a beautiful thing. When I started making more money and I could buy more beautiful clothes that I needed for work, I had a slight panic attack. I had to check in with my husband who reminded me that there is always more money coming in. I wasn’t used to trusting in that, so I had to allow myself to spend that money and receive.

All that manifestation has come from making the decision to show up fully and serve. My vision for my business was just an idea that I manifested very quickly because I really tuned into that every day. It’s about more than just the money. It’s about the level of service you provide for your clients and doing the work that brings you to life.

One of the most amazing parts of working with clients is the flowing, beautiful, soul sister connection that’s created when working with the right person with the right vibration for you. Remember this is a two-way street. Expansion happens for both people involved. So be really mindful of whom you’re allowing into your space. It’s a beautiful energetic alignment when you choose to work with people.

After working with hundreds of clients over the years, one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is the understanding that things will come up that you have to go through—it’s a natural part of up leveling and an outcome of the process of your working together. You have to release. When you’re going through these emotions you don’t need to be ashamed of yourself. You need to allow yourself to go there—feel the emotions and release them.

Here’s a divine ritual for you:

Write down all your non-negotiables about who you want to work with, the clients you want to attract. Include that all through your copy and in your videos. This is your declaration to the world about the clients you want to attract. It’s a powerful action to take! Do it and see exactly that type of client come into your life.

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Sending you Lots of Love,


Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.