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30 game-changing life and business lessons for the unstoppable and spirited CEO

30 game-changing life and business lessons for the unstoppable and spirited CEO

Hi lovely…

Here are some of my musings and observations that I thought I would share with you, the gorgeous, magical and conscious entrepreneur who is ready to build her business from a place of feminine nourishment, financial wellbeing and divine service.

I also want to talk about making money online. There are many in the online space with false promises, lies and get-rich-quick schemes that don’t last the distance, but I want you to know that if you go for your dreams with ethics and integrity, you can prosper!

It’s been a brilliant and often exhausting year managing the accelerated growth of our company, partnering up with my husband in business and raising a 3-year-old rascal! We launched our inaugural CEO DIVA Business School one-year immersion program (without a website mind you) and filled it with a $10K ad spend — which was a huge win all around!

I created a spiritual and business framework birthed from a deep desire to serve and contribute with love, divinity and honesty. It was a seed of an idea that I planted one day and sketched out on butcher’s paper, and five months later we had a multi-six-figure business. I’m proud to say that we’ve done and continue to do everything we can to support our clients with every fibre of our being! Love and passion have been the bedrock of all our work.

Next, we launched our first group program High-End Empire — aka the GUCCI of online business programs — and created something revolutionary. We provided a level of ‘insane value’ that made our clients feel deeply supported and guided 24/7 and not like they were in a group program at all! Woo hoo! I wasn’t sure how we were going to manage it, but we did!

All in all, I’m deeply grateful for all those who’ve supported us and joined us on this divine journey. My clients are incredible and deeply inspiring women and I stand in awe of them every day — of their work, deep courage, and power. What you put out, you get back. Please remember that.

I replaced my yearly income and made it my monthly income, launching something dear to my heart from place of deep love and service. I believe that’s something to celebrate.


Ok, so let’s get started… here are 30 lessons for the unstoppable CEO! Grab a wine or a green juice and enjoy the ride.

  1. It’s more important to be true to yourself than to be liked.

  2. Making money isn’t hard. It’s the up leveling, emotional healing journey that’s the biggest job ever and the best investment you will ever make. Once you have the mindset and the emotional resonance making money becomes about a 1000 times easier. It’s exactly what I teach and preach and it’s what I practice each and every day.

  3. I am disciplined as FUCK. This is a trait that’s quite rare. I just called to thank both of my immigrant parents for my backbone. It’s served me very well.

  4. Get a team before you think you need one.

  5. Hold your prices. It serves EVERYONE.

  6. I lead with my heart. Not everyone does. That’s OK. Choose your tribe, customers, friends, and team wisely.

  7. Trust your gut. We walked away from a $20K consultant after working with her for 6 weeks. She wasn’t bad. She just wasn’t for us. Our needs and strategic insight outgrew the alliance. It’s the best thing we ever did. Another example of trusting your gut 100%: I used to have my own clothing line in NYC. A lawyer stole my corporate kit and then issued 50% of the stock without my permission. I never felt good about him. So here’s what I’ve learned: trust your gut instinct every time. If something or someone doesn’t feel right to you, move on fast. The only person that is irreplaceable in your business is you.

  8. Generosity is potent magic but over giving provides space for people not to fully learn and show up for themselves. It’s a fine line so be generous but understand your boundaries and how to truly give to allow your clients and team to take full responsibility for themselves. It’s the only way we all truly grow and expand. Leading me to the next lesson…

  9. Boundaries and integrity work in brilliant harmony. They’re both essential.

  10. I love motherhood. I loathe domesticity. And that’s okay. I now have a cleaner, cook, and personal assistant. Life is good with more women helping in my household.

  11. I am responsible for myself not others. Except my child.

  12. Women can find generosity hard to receive because it’s foreign to so many of us. It’s time to change that. We deserve limitless abundance, love and respect — NOT crumbs.

  13. Working hard is not destructive when you know how to take care for yourself. Do that EVERY SINGLE DAY. You are your number one asset.

  14. Money can be one of the most healing tools on the planet.

  15. Money will never give you worth, but it will give you the freedom to expand your business and impact and deliver an incredible, life-changing service. For heart-aligned conscious entrepreneurs it allows you to do more and that’s truly exquisite.

If you haven’t signed up for my FREE video program, Sacred Money Miracle, I invite you to ditch the hustle, embrace your heart and sell high-end with your soul, spirit and sanity intact in 8 short days. Download it here.

  1. What triggers you is what trips you up. Learn from it. See it for the message it is. Otherwise, you’ll stay stuck in a cycle of repetition and inevitable struggle. If you want to slay in business and life, you have to give up the drama, my friend.

  2. Your voice and message are your GOLDMINE, not the size of your list. You can make a shit load of money and have an epic heart-aligned business with a small list, as long as you’re not selling low cost products! Hello people! You don’t need to sell high volume if you sell high end. That can come later once you can pay your bills with ease or you have another source of income.

  3. Please plan your business and financial wellbeing from a place of insight. Get support and guidance from an experienced team not from someone with just a title. It will save you years of pain. Make sure you choose someone who has truly gone before you. Someone who has real business experience. Ask questions. Tune in. Check testimonials. Get referrals. Choose your team wisely. Do not go it alone. Do not observe others and expect stellar results without adequate training. If you’re not making money in your business, there’s a reason. Find out why and create a new plan. Never give up. Keep learning. Keep going. If you want to speak to my team about how we can help you to significantly grow your business, book in here.

  4. Building a multi-six-figure, heart-aligned business in one year requires these traits: vision, courage, divine connection, an expansive rich diva mindset, discipline, awareness, ethics, hard work, owning your word, love, strategy that works, paid traffic, visibility, patience, emotional IQ, deep soul healing, ample self-care, heaps of sleep and going the extra mile EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  5. Your energy, vision and self-belief are everything. The rest follows your alignment. Remember that. You can’t build or keep an empire on a weak foundation. Less hustle and more aligned energy is my motto, my friend.

  6. Working with your husband is a divine blessing when you both work in your zone of genius and delegate the rest. Make sure you have plenty of amorous intimate playtime or you run the risk of dissolving the relationship.

  7. Being able to communicate with love, honesty and strength is the golden key to thriving relationships, as long as each party has the awareness to partake in this level of interaction. Working with clients and my team at this level of honesty within a B.S. FREE space and with a say-it-like-it-is clear and loving attitude, lights my fire and creates epic divine connection. Talk about heart swell! This is a whole other ball game of mature, loving and self-responsible conversation. I’m sooo freakin’ into it! There’s no offense taken or fear based reaction, only love and direct and open sharing. Thank you to all those who’ve been part of this journey. You’ve shown me the level of communication that I desire in my life and business.

  8. If you’re stressed, it’s simply a message to course correct. Tune in, re-assess, rewire and reset your reality by letting go of what is no longer serving you or your business. When you’re in the middle of a huge shift, this may be a daily release ritual to ensure that you up level with GRACE. Purge to emerge. See the experience with trust and excitement not resentment and fear. Open up to it and you’ll up level a lot faster and with greater ease.

  9. You are the creatrix of your life. If you don’t like something, change it or accept it. You can’t always change things, but you can always change how you respond to, and feel about, it and that’s potent shizz!

  10. Every single thing I’ve feared doing, but knew I had to do to rise up and serve, has inspired enormous growth spiritually, emotionally and financially. My fears have transformed into my greatest achievements. For example, I used to fear teaching in large groups and now it’s what I love the most and it’s where I serve best! I even had a mild panic attack and severely twisted my ankle two days before I did my first ever webinar and then went on to sell over $160K and had a divine ball doing it, as I connected with incredible women from around the world. Now that’s divine liberation.

  11. I love nothing more than seeing other women step into their power to create lucrative brands that not only change their own lives but also change the world. The Dalai Lama said, ‘The western woman will change the world’. I fully agree with this statement. In fact we are already doing it. On the flip side, I see a lot of struggle. We need more sisters to rise into power to create the shifts we need globally. As each woman rises, we light a flame in another. Women are born leaders. You just have to follow your vision and courage. I’m 100% committed to playing a huge part in supporting and guiding women to rise!

  12. When you heal your inner child, what someone does or says will literally have no effect on you unless you decide to allow it to do so — which you won’t because you’ll be too busy living your delicious life!

  13. With discipline and love, you can do whatever the FRIG you want. Don’t allow anyone tell you that you can’t. And just get busy doing it. Surround yourself with those that are here to lift you up. See it done.

  14. Hard work is not enough. You must have a business that you can monetize effectively or you will burn yourself out. Make sure the strategy works. Don’t run around doing, doing, doing without learning how to market, sell and make money. I see this all the time. It’s madness.

  15. Having financial flow and serving amazing women around the world where I get to share my heart, power and love is incredible but what has made me the happiest this year is clearing the pain from my past to allow myself to live with more grace, courage and peace. That’s the bomb dot com. Without clearing past pain, we continue to struggle. Without undertaking that process of healing and clearing, all the money in the world doesn’t bring you fulfillment. And it’s why all my work starts by focusing on personal healing, energy alignment and mindset. See point #2.

You are a woman birthed from the divine. You’re SACRED.

This is an important realisation in birthing the most beautiful, booming and heart-aligned business…

Really tune inwards.
You know what you want to do.
The key to creating a purpose-based business is owning your DESIRE.

Hold it so dear to you, with so much love, that it can’t be stopped from growing, growing and growing. Hold yourself, your vision and your transformational work sacred as you commit to serving at a deeper level. This is the magic that brings in new business with GRACE.

Don’t question your path. Start doing it. That will set you free. The path is never shown to you while you stand in doubt. That’s when we move off course. Stay aligned.

I often tell my clients, ‘You‘re not normal. You’re a visionary. Stop pretending to be normal. That shade of grey never suited you and never will.’

It’s the trying to fit in and disowning our vision that makes us physically, financially and spiritually sick.

Want to break free?
Start anywhere. Begin. If you need support, get it. We don’t do anything alone. Build your femme squad.

Surround yourself with sistas who will love you into greatness. But the excuses have got to go. Move. Do the work, and your life and your business will completely transform. Thousands of clients are waiting for you to shine so that you can serve at a deeper level. They need you.

Love & Divine Riches,


A little about Ingrid…….

Featured in InStyle, Cosmo, Glamour, Huffington Post, Ingrid Arna is a leading business strategist with over 20 years experience in branding, capital raising, TV development, sales and advertising. Ingrid guides visionary entrepreneurs into conscious wealth and global impact, without sacrificing their soul. She’s the founder of High-End Empire, the leading online signature program known for producing epic business results and spiritual growth at light speed.

The only New Year’s Resolution she’s been able to stick to since becoming a mother has been to quadruple her prices and give up her thongs for granny pants. She’s never been happier or richer!

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.