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Ingrid, I just tallied all of my numbers and it’s a $20K+ month for me!

Ingrid, I just tallied all of my numbers and it’s a $20K+ month for me!

Do you realize that your sales in business are a mirror of where your vibration is at?

Take heart, gorgeous, because this means YOU have absolute sovereignty over your revenue and riches.

THIS IS THE SACRED SECRET TO SALES: You must start from your own fullness and vision.

When you expand and extend your fullness and vision into a higher realm of consciousness, you open yourself up to being of deep and divine service that is completely in alignment with your talent, skills, gifts, and vibration.

This isn’t a one time thing you can set and forget. Developing this lifestyle of embodying your work and selling at this level requires ongoing support and sass. This is why I formed my CEO Divamind.

Leah, one of my CEO Diva clients, and now one of my Diva advisors, recently shared her journey of connecting with me and joining the CEO Divamind in my FREE High-End Empire Facebook group, and I knew it needed to be shared with you, too.



‘Hey, Divas!

Leak K here … OH MY GOSH! I just tallied all of my numbers, and it’s a $20K+ month for me!

This is one of my highest earning months yet … and I’m STILL counting the sales as they roll in!

I wanted to share with you my journey in Ingrid’s program as a client and just how fully supported I feel at every level. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially—Ingrid lays out this beautiful blanket of support. I feel deep permission in her presence to be myself, to be the best that I can be, and to fully integrate my life and work into my entire being.

Now working alongside Ingrid as a member of her Diva advisors team, I see even more of her fearless leadership and how she paves the way for you to uplevel in every area of your life.

Today, in fact, I just signed a $7K client who was literally BEGGING ME to work with her. I was only able to receive that client because of the deep emotional releasing I experienced in Ingrid’s program that totally shifted my vibration around selling.

You may know Ingrid because you’ve come across a sponsored ad on Facebook or read her amazing content online, and so you know everything about her is truly magical and magnetic.

I was not looking for a mentor when I first “met” Ingrid. It was the beginning of the year, and I thought, “I can do this all by myself!” I had been in several coaching programs, and I thought I’d seen it all!

Then, I met Ingrid.

“I need to know who this woman is and what she does … I need to be in her energy,” I thought.

I just knew right away that Ingrid was The One, MY mentor, and it was a no brainer to sign up with her.

Now through many Ceo Diva consult calls with clients who are inquiring about Ingrid’s work, I hear a lot of people remark, “I’ve been praying for a mentor like her!”

Simply put, Ingrid’s CEO Divamind is friggin’ awesome. The women in the group span the globe and transform in this safe, supportive vibration where we can each fully be ourselves and heal our fears and traumas to set us on a path forwards.

Ingrid brings all of the strategy a Diva could need, but the inner work is really what has allowed me to step into my true work as a business and life purpose coach.

If you’re on the fence about upleveling your life and business, or even about reaching out to Ingrid’s team, reach out to me! I would just LOVE to talk to you about what’s going on in your life and business.

I’ve been in the pits—where I was letting my emotional blocks stop me and not stepping into my own power, so no struggle you’re in could surprise me. I’m here to hear you, see you, and support you in rising into your full Diva potential.

If you intuitively know Ingrid’s work and tribe is where you belong, CEO Divamind is THE way to go.

Book in a consult with me here, Diva 👉 http://ceodivaconsult.com/leah

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to not give an EFF about the outcome of a sales call. I teach my clients how to detach from their potential client’s decision, so they can be present to serve with deep love.


We are not attached to your YES—we are here to support your highest expression, vision, and gifts, so you can serve the world. This consult call is a sacred container where we have a conversation with you to determine if our CEO Divamind is truly the best fit for you.

Let us support you, Diva. You do not have to figure this out alone.



Ask yourself this: if you completely trusted your talent and saw yourself as a holy, rich woman, what would you be doing to serve at your highest? What support do you need to get there?

Book in with our team today, and let’s get your biz ascension rolling!
Book in here 👉 http://ceodivaconsult.com/leah


Fixated by your divine success,

Ingrid Arna

Leading 7-Figure Diva Strategist


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Ingrid Arna

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company and the creator of the Gucci of online business programs, High End Empire. Ingrid Arna and her company are leading the charge in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders who are devoted to global healing. The return is massive impact and million dollar brands that give back.

Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.