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What does it take

for a speaker

To rock the stage?


A woman with a voice. A woman with power. A woman with courage. A woman who knows her craft. A woman who has suffered and risen from the ashes. A woman who is not afraid to be seen or ruffle feathers. A woman who is not afraid to say what most won’t. A woman who wakes people up with humor, conviction, and heart. A woman who is born to lead, serve, and create global change.

That woman is INGRID ARNA.


Dawn Dawn

Oprah talks about how to change your life. Ingrid makes it happen.



OMG, you broke me open this weekend! Seriously, you evoked my sovereign goddess within, and I thank you so so much for being fricken incredible!








Bg ia

Ingrid is an intuitive, powerful woman. I cannot find the words to encompass all that I received from this experience. Thank you Ingrid Arna. Forever grateful.


When Ingrid takes to the stage, she’s more than just a beautiful and engaging speaker. She is unapologetic, impactful, AND captivating.

She has this incredible ability to hold sacred space while also commanding a room with her grace, power, and presence.

When I first saw Ingrid speak, I had this deep stirring of my own power within, and I just knew she was a woman I wanted to learn more from.

Ingrid is a genius. She’s brilliant at what she does, and the way she supports you to grow and expand in your own leadership is next level.

In the past, I’ve struggled with finding my voice and sharing my message. Ingrid has played a huge role in inspiring me to claim my worth, speak my truth, and honour my unique gifts.

She’s a woman who leads the way, who is impeccable with her word, and whose generosity touches the hearts of many.







Ingrid truly has the secret sauce to upleveling your business and bringing out the best in you and your vision.

When I joined High-End Empire, I had no idea why my business wasn’t working. I felt really frustrated.

Ingrid's vortex really sets her apart from other coaches. Combined with her experience, strategies, stellar client care, and team of experts, she is positively impacting thousands of people around the world.

I’m now clearer than ever about my business and how to thrive and have given myself permission to allow my inner healer and coach to come forward. With Ingrid’s help, I now have my signature program and supporting products and more importantly the confidence to impact the lives of my clients and grow my business as much as I want.

I highly recommend hiring Ingrid and her incredible team to anyone who’s ready to seriously make shifts in the world and create abundance in their lives. Hiring Ingrid was one of the best business investments and decisions I’ve ever made.


Ingrid has a way of taking you right to the heart of your message and offer, strategically mapping it out, and articulating it with love and grace. Once you’re in that space of divine clarity, she then mobilizes you to GO, get your work OUT into the world, and SELL before you can think twice and shrink back into hiding again! I sold over $27K in two months for the first time in my business at lightning speed, and I know I’ll never pack my bags to go back to solo-preneur island again. And I keep selling and selling, as I serve. I’ve now surpassed six figures!


Jada Jada

What do SELLING, sacred ASCENSION, and advanced femme biz STRATEGY have in common?

They’re the core of a lush heart, soul, and mind-blowing experience for your audience… when crafted and powerfully spoken by yours truly, the million dollar brand diva!

Women are tired of hearing the same old 4-step system to online success that dishonors their divine feminine and keeps them frantic, hustling, and on the edge of burnout

Want your audience to walk away

From your event radiant and raving?

Then booking me to take the stage at your event full of empowered entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, strategists, creative service providers, spiritual teachers, and healers might just be your next move.

The way I teach women how to turn potential leads into a steady stream of conversions with integrity and ease is elevating the way we do business as women. At Ingrid Arna, Inc. we’re setting a new industry standard for attracting and driving traffic, so women can sustainably build sacred million dollar brands.

I’d be honored to bring a powerful, transformative, and actionable talk to your divine crowd about:

the art and science of building a million dollar brand.

healing from trauma and suffering to become an online leader.

the rising of women in business in the feminine era and what this really looks like in the day-to-day running of an online empire.

how to leverage the power of social media to get millions of views online.

how to craft high conversion copy and establish a brand legacy.

why women hesitate to show up, speak up, and sell their work… and how releasing self-abuse and victimhood is key to bringing in clients consistently.

the fastest way to create consistent cash flow with no team and no advertising.

how to become a powerful speaker even if speaking on stage makes your want to hurl.

how to have MONEY BREAKTHROUGHS to grow a conscious business and rise into feminine power by following solid strategy and doing sacred energy work.

how to turn 50% of your conversations with potential clients into paying clients.

Ingrid’s system for ETHICAL and EFFORTLESS SALES, so you always enroll the clients you want and fill group programs.

the Formula for Financial Feminine Freedom.

how to work 12 or fewer days a month making 6 to 7 figures… doing what you LOVE.

how to identify and target your ideal customer to make sure you’re not wasting money on people who don’t want or need your product or services.

how to create cost-effective and entertaining ads that get SALES… not just ‘likes’, comments, and shares.

how to create landing pages that turn clicks into leads (the design, headlines, and buttons that convert).

the process of energetic and emotional healing that creates deep transformation and radical change for my clients who then sell $5K, $10K, and even $30K+ packages like hot cakes.

… and more!

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Who is

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