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To get a flood of new clients for coaches, consultants and healers.

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6Figure diva

To get booked out at the speed of light and make more money than you ever have ... without the grind!

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You’re ready for a

Huge shift


You’re about to quantum leap into a new financial future.

It’s time to get paid for your divine work.

Sh#t is hitting the fan right now, but don’t freak out, instead get sold out! This is the perfect time to leverage a $325 billion online education, coaching and consultancy market. We’re in the midst of a major ascension period. This is a time of death and the rebirth of a new economy, a new you, a new way of working and new way of making money.

We’re entering the Online Education Era and right now you have the opportunity of a lifetime to turn the skills you already have into an online business that changes lives and gives you REAL security, freedom, and purpose you deserve.

If you solve someone's problems you’ll always get paid.

Get an insider's view into how I went from unknown to running one of the fastest growing coaching companies for women online.

If you’re ready to learn from a mentor who built her online business from scratch into a global empire {with her ethics, moxie, and sanity intact} while helping her clients to get more high-paying clients at the speed of light, then you’ve come to the right place.

You’re here to change the world, build your empire, and share your message like never before. I get that. You want more sales and clients—and a juicy life—in the smartest and most fulfilling way possible.

Whether you’ve been online for years and you’re stalled at 5 figures or you’re new to the online world, this will work for you.

I discovered a way to support my family without leaving my home.

Zero driving to work, no more client meetings, no corporate drama, and no more boss to answer to! Best of all, I’ll never miss another one of my daughter’s school activities and I get to do the work I absolutely freaking adore!

And it’s available to you.

Things are evolving rapidly and the world is literally shifting to the internet.

What I’m about to share with you will teach you how to leverage the internet and your brilliance to create an income through social media, so you can have more time for you and your family.

I’m here to help you grow quickly with the systems, strategy, and deep support needed as you scale with significance, soul, and sanity.

If you want
to manifest
your wildest
dreams, then
this is where
you begin,

The six figure diva

is going to blow your mind and your bank account wide open.

Six-Figure Diva is a proven process to ignite your brilliance—at the speed of light—in any economy.

This is your

My clients are having their biggest months ever…
even during the pandemic.


Because people need their help and they have a method to get more high-paying clients from social media… without working a minute more.

You deserve to be paid
extremely well for your
divine work

Success is not complicated:

It is strategic as frig and rooted in
crystal-clear, vibrational creation.

Without a solid energetic foundation and focused strategy in your life and business, you’ll keep drowning in uncertainty, desperately reaching for anything that floats your way — fancy funnel courses, the newest social media strategy promising you new leads without any investment, and the list goes on.

This is it … now is the pivotal time to make a sacred vow to live from your deep, unwavering, unbreakable, and unapologetic power.

Your soul and your inherent wild femme want to be FREE, and it starts here by claiming it for yourself.

What does that LOOK like? Most women have no idea.

It starts with deciding that you are enough.

In fact, STUFF THAT: you are more than enough.

Ditch the shame and decide.

Decide that it’s your time to shine.

Decide that it’s time for the riches to rain.

Decide that your message will make you money.

Decide that your story is yours to be shared to sell and serve.

To be a wildly wealthy, lit-up, and nourished woman, diva, you must own the sacred potency of your work, so you can receive BEYOND what is ‘enough’ and start to blow your own mind when it comes to what is possible in your business.

At some point, you have to decide to no longer abandon yourself.

No longer discount your work.

No longer suffer in silence.

No longer hide online, trapped in perpetual fear of being seen.

No longer run your business like a charity.

Learning how to command top dollar for your sacred work is the smartest thing you can do for yourself.


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If you’re a woman destined for 6 figures but trapped in under-earning money karma drama, then do a Beyoncé Booty dance because this is your one-stop solution to rise into sovereign financial and personal power.

Revealed: The ONLY business training you’ll ever need to break free from scarcity, chronic hustle, and under-earning forever.

The six figure diva

Program Includes

You get the whole enchilada below with lifetime access + 6 months of powerhouse live coaching calls with my rockstar team.

How to Package Your Brilliance to Get Clients Lining up to Pay you the Big Bucks! 2-hour video masterclass

Learn what it really takes to offer and deliver your brilliance in the most potent package possible. This isn’t about slapping a high price on a lame offer; we dive into crafting the most transformative package and framework for your work with your dream clients.


Stand up and stand out as the go-to, no brainer hire in your niche.



This information is GOLD! It shows you how to lay out your one-page offer in detail for quick and easy sales call conversions. Learn how to structure your offer and map your endgame, darling.


Sell your high-end offer immediately even if you don’t have a website, sales page, or tech skills.


Templates and swipe files to craft your offer to sell immediately

These are real-life offers that have ‘flown off the shelf’ for my clients. Just sprinkle them with your own voice, talent, and services to elevate your bullet point ‘blah’ offer outline into the tantalizing high-end program it is.


These are real-life offers that have ‘flown off the shelf’ for my clients. Just sprinkle them with your own voice, talent, and services to elevate your bullet point ‘blah’ offer outline into the tantalizing high-end program it is.


Dream Client Avatar

Get laser lucid clear on who your dream client is through a series of specific questions that will enable you to serve and sell to them with love, providing focused solutions that leave them wondering how you read their minds, nailed their needs, and spoke to the soul of their desires.


Self-identified dream clients lining up to work with you while energy-draining, time-suck clients become a thing of the past.


Six-Figure Diva Brand Story

Clarify your coaching method, teachings, and story to bring in the big bucks. This is about rocking your message, activating your brand, connecting with your customer, and revving up sales.


Your voice and energy are seen, known, and heard, so potential clients know EXACTLY what magic to come to YOU for.


Core Outcomes of Your Program

Learn how to articulate and express the profound outcomes your potential clients will achieve. If you can’t position your offer with power, you won’t get PAID. End of story.


The glorious end of self-doubt and wishy washy, ‘Well, my program is just so powerful, it changes everything’ statements that never SELL your work.


The Ultimate Priestess Program Creatrix Training

How to create the actual CONTENT for your 1:1 coaching offer or group program. This training will give you the hands-on knowledge you need to actually GIVE your clients a high-end experience while you step into the authority of your expertise. This is the missing link most ‘selling’ and ‘money’ programs leave out!


Sell with an assurance that you can deliver the quality of content your clients are paying you for.


CEO Diva 7-Figure Selling Workbook

The 6 phases of sacred and soulful sales to serve deeply and radically build your income and impact.


Shift from freaking out about selling and charging the big bucks to having a divinely-led, transformational soul conversation.


Get Booked Out with Live Video Checklist and Playbook

Flip the bird to under-earning and have clients throwing you their credit cards… without spending a dime on ads.


Create wildly profitable live videos and attract soulmate clients through organic traffic.


score the following bonus, because I want to see you rise!


Devices 2

Receive 6 months membership in the most potent healing vortex on the planet. Million Dollar Diva includes healing classes, crystal grids, energetic activations, and more, taken by our team of experienced healers, priestesses, and kinesiologists.


Heal and unleash your high priestess power as you manifest limitless, sovereign and financial abundance, liberating yourself forever from vows of poverty and shame.

When you join

Advanced strategy and laser lucid coaching calls

Valued at $12,600!

In this high-level mastermind, you’ll receive 4 x 60 minute LIVE group coaching calls every week for 6 month (total 104 coaching sessions) to ensure you are launching a lust worthy, "OMG, let me give you my credit card" offer that will convert like hotcakes.

If you want to move at the speed of light, 10x your income with grace, and shine like a diva light, do not miss this.

These live hot-seat coaching sessions will help you transform into a 7-figure strategist and are priceless. Our divine students are making more in a month than they have in one year previously largely due to this incredible support.

You’ll also get access to connect in a private sisterhood with the divine women in the Six-Figure Divamind. Being surrounded by other women who are on their femme financial sovereignty journey in a high-vibe vortex? Priceless!

Dont miss it diva

We offer unparalleled support.

And how could i forget...

Diva Power Bonuses:

Laptop / Móvil

Bonus #1:

The Money Miracle
Matrix Playbook


Receive without
sabotaging the eff out
of your wealth!

Bonus #2:

2 Slay, Pray and Hit Your Payday Divine Femme, Sacred Audio Healings


Release your money karma drama and master your mindset for divinely charged paydays — every day!

Bonus #3:

YouCanBookMe – Your Online Booking System Setup and Integration Training Videos + Setting Example


Book and track your sales calls with ease and convenience using YouCan BookMe’s streamlined systems.

If you've got any questions, some fears coming up, and you're looking for a divine coach to chat to about the program, have no fear we're here to support you!

What's the biggest difference between women who wake up with the sun shining out of their a$$es because they LOVE what they do and can make it rain money sans pain. And those who can't even shop at Whole Foods because they're chronically strapped, struggling, and searching for a way to make a mint while honoring their soul's calling?

Let's start by removing any woman out of the equation who has won the lottery, lives off a sugar daddy or has a lushed up trust fund. #nojudgment

I'm talking about the self-made women who chose to rise up from nothing and build a life and business they ADORE on their own terms.

What do these women have in common?

They have learned how to sell with soul, package their brilliance, and own their worth, like a freakin' boss diva.

They're leveraging modern tools of business alongside their ancient feminine wisdom.

They know what they're capable of—that's why they've been able to blow the lid off what society says is possible and buy their own damn bling instead of relying on the patriarchy to support them.

The truth is: poverty and powerlessness are part of an ingrained system of abuse.

That might sound dramatic, but diva (short for divine one, not an homage to Mariah Carey), it's real.

Women have been blocked from riches for far too long, but that’s all changing now.

You want more

The house. The holidays. The Jimmy Choos. Time with your family without being exhausted. Time for you. Space. NOURISHMENT. Limitless income. Profound impact and deep connection in your life. You want to own your life. You want to own your time. The house. The holidays. The Jimmy Choos. Time with your family without being exhausted. Time for you. Space. NOURISHMENT. Limitless income. Profound impact and deep connection in your life. You want to own your life. You want to own your time. The house. The holidays. The Jimmy Choos. Time with your family without being exhausted. Time for you. Space. NOURISHMENT. Limitless income. Profound impact and deep connection in your life. You want to own your life. You want to own your time. The house. The holidays. The Jimmy Choos. Time with your family without being exhausted. Time for you. Space. NOURISHMENT. Limitless income. Profound impact and deep connection in your life. You want to own your life. You want to own your time. 

The truth

If you want extraordinary wealth, you need extraordinary wellbeing.

The grind and the hustle can only be sustained for so long.

Claim your financial sovereignty with divine ease. Get the structures in place. Get your frequency on point.

Move and master the systems, diva. A million dollar business is not a fluke. It’s a process. Learn it.

You no longer have to take out a $200K loan and get an MBA to have a thriving business. HELLUFREAKINGLUYAH.

All you need is a laptop, a vision, and some strategic savvy when it comes to selling with soul and marketing like a badass boss to get your message out to the people who need to hear it.

Unless women have economic power, we won’t have political or social power. When women rise into riches, the world will finally change.

Good thing the glass ceiling has been smashed to bits, babe.

You’re entering this abundance vortex at the perfect time.

But before you go any further, it’s critical for you to make a conscious choice…

You can either work for the man or stay stuck in a crappy online business that makes sh#t money (and let’s be real: even low 6-figures barely cuts the Gouda)...


You can learn how to make money online doing what you love with soul, integrity, and freakin’ radical, radiant FREEDOM to be you.

I made the same choice 4 years ago, and it’s the reason I have a 7-figure business today…

Two years into my career as a coach, I was burnt out and over it.

‘If one more client cancels a session, I’m going to lose my sh*t. The next time someone feeds me a line like “I have to talk to my husband first” I’ll scratch my eyeballs out. Like, WTF?? Is it me?’

I’d stalk successful entrepreneurs and conclude that I just didn’t have that X factor. I assumed they were born with some magical money gene I didn’t have.

All evidence pointed to me being an unconsolable loser… and things were about to get monumentally worse.

The sh*t officially hit the fan when my husband lost his job. We had six weeks before we’d be moving to a trailer park and living on canned spaghetti.

When you begin

to believe that making money is


you will create it.

Six-Figure Diva is not just about money or business strategy; it is an activation of the divine feminine revolution and a planetary rebirth. This is a new way of living that will set you FREE.

When you shift into confidently and unapologetically charging 10 to 20 times more than you are now—with deep, aligned ethics, love, and sass—everything changes.

Let’s face it, diva: without 20,000 people on your email list, or $50K you’re dying to burn on ads, selling low-end offers is going to drive you into financial, emotional, and physical ruin!

Your empire should serve your personal prosperity as deeply as you serve the clients who are a part of it. If it’s not, there’s a serious kink in the energetic strategic foundation of your empire, and it’s time to open up the flow!

Students who come into my programs have hit a breaking point… and refuse to break down because of it.

They choose instead to RISE.

I’ve been there.

Six Figure Divas have sold their first high-end offer within days of joining us.

Imagine receiving your ROI on this investment at the speed of light and then having the know how to rinse and repeat forevermore.

What does it take to reach that level of instantaneous manifestation?

You’ll need to consciously clear a lifetime of toxicity.

I know this because my baggage around money and the power struggle with my parents, as well as my chronic fear and doubt, kept me stuck in slow-motion in my business.

Once I began to completely rewire my brain and energy, I started selling $10K, $20K and $50K packages like hot cakes.

When I launched my mastermind, I spent $10,000 on ads, booked 60 calls and sold 17 spots. Within 6 months, I’d replaced my husband’s income.

On my next webinar, I made $500,000 in 2 weeks! (And no one called me expensive!)

To build a 7 figure plus brand, i had
to stop giving a hoot about what
people might say about me.

This kind of freedom changes your life.

Picture it.

Imagine ditching $100 sessions to sell $5000 packages.

Imagine your first $100,000 course launch.

Imagine saying buh-bye to force, scarcity, and hustle!

Imagine if you could walk into Whole Foods and buy a $24 box of gluten-free, nut-free, GMO-free, fair-trade granola bars every day of the week if you wanted to.

… and give them away to the homeless guy outside the store!

Imagine having it all—the Harry Winston ruby and diamond cluster earrings, the custom-fit Boeing 767 plane, the trips to Paris—whatever ‘having it all’ means to you.

Maybe it’s weekly guilt-free trips to the spa.

Or a nanny and a chef so you’re not wigged out mama! #nomoebraindrain

It’s YOUR choice…


will only truly change the course of history when we allow ourselves to rise up financially. Otherwise, we will always be someone else’s property. It’s time for a shift in financial and social power.

Ingrid Arna

If i can

Go from burnt out to fully booked…

with a list skinnier than a supermodel,

So can you

A few of

The wins my clients have celebrated
in the past few months:

Short testimonial

Sarah sold a $20K package two days after her first week.

Short testimonial

Dawn made £21,000 in 10 days.

Short testimonial

Didiayer sold her TV show for 1000% more than the previous one.

Short testimonial

Vanessa had her first $30K. month.

Short testimonial
Short testimonial

Minling restructured her business and funnel to consistently sell $6K packages.

Short testimonial

Marcia made $39,500 in sales within the first 3 months.

Short testimonial

Nicky sold $42K within the first 7 days of working with me.

Short testimonial

Bridget sold a $40K program, which was paid in FULL.

Short testimonial

Sora sold 3 spots in her mastermind, doubled her prices, and sold out her one-day event.

Short testimonial

Momo joined and made her first high-end sale at warp speed.

Short testimonial

Victoria attracted 6 high-end clients in 1 week.

Short testimonial

Amber went from charging peanuts to selling three high-end packages. One year on she has a booked out branding business.

Short testimonial

After 3 months of working with me, Celia made more money in a month than she had the entire previous year.

Short testimonial

Christina sold $20K within two weeks of joining.

Short testimonial

Charlotte earned $10K in 6 days and went on to have her first ever $20K month.

And that’s just the money stuff.

My clients have launched retreats.

I’ve seen marriages saved and health restored. Others have raised their psychic and intuitive powers to a whole new level.

They’ve healed karmic trauma and set themselves FREE.

They’re getting booked on TV, becoming best selling authors and having great sex again. :-)

They’re scoring speaking gigs, and they’re serving their clients with unstoppable mojo!

These women were able to pull this off in 30 to 90 days with not a dime spent on ads.

What other online program gets results like these?

(Answer: nada, babe).

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, divine woman.

This is for you if you’re willing to do the work to build a booming, beautiful online business.

Turn your BRILLIANCE into a successful online offer, so you can see epic returns and create the lifestyle, time, and space that you desire.

Say goodbye to overwhelm, hustle, and desperation and hello to ease, committed clients, and consistent sales.


The strategies, and mindset we'll be sharing are exactly what have allowed us to become one of Australia's fastest growing online education companies.

This is a sustainable and streamlined strategy for visionary women who want more sales, time, nourishment, and influence.

Why do you

Gorgeous one,

need to build your heart-centered, high-end empire…


eLearning is a US$107 billion industry.

It’s time to claim your divine piece of it! {Source: Forbes}

Let that sink in for a moment, gorgeous…

You’re looking at a whopping $107 billion market that’s growing even while you sit picking your jaw off the floor…

NOW {or, in fact, yesterday!} is the BEST time to learn how to package your brilliance, so you can sell and scale with ease.

Get ready to buckle up to take the ride of your divine life, beautiful, if you want to:

stop trading dollars for hours and instead have money come in while you sleep, sip on a latte, or spend time at the beach with your darling loved ones!

stop chasing clients and struggling to fill your pipelines and instead have clients contact and book you automatically!

stop stressing over money and bills and instead master the art {and science} of making money with soul rather than sleaze and slime!

But you need to be careful to not sabotage yourself any longer.

Let’s get honest about the keep-you-awake-at-night thoughts that are holding you back in Struggle, Scarcity and Smallness:

Will I be able to charge $3000, $5000, or $10,000+ for my packages?

How will I learn and manage everything, such as the technical know-how, the mindset, and the marketing without turning into a maniac?

Can I actually do this and remain the heart-centered and soul-inspired entrepreneur that I am? Will I turn into a scam artist, a shyster, or a money-grubbing scumbag?

Do I really have what it takes to do this?

Six figure diva

Isn’t just a generic business program

Six Figure Diva is the only 6 month immersion for women that offers this level of support, strategy, and excellence.

That means you get exactly what you need each step of the way. It’s that simple and that powerful.

My clients shift from best-kept secrets to online superstars in a matter of months, and I'm deeply honored to be part of their journey!

It’s a sacred, spiritual, and strategic deep dive into advanced training that will forever change how you charge, sell, and serve, as you shift from best-kept secret to online superstar.

We are currently a booming, beautiful community with students from 50 countries, serving over 500 students each year.

Logo horizontal

These divine women are learning to own their wild magic, transcend their mess, and turn it into a message that manifests and magnetizes money, meaning, and a movement that changes lives.

Six-Figure Diva is the equivalent of an MBA complete with expert guidance and 6 months access to weekly live calls where you can get your questions answered by my rock star diva team.

This is for on fiyah entrepreneurs who are ready to go big!

Six figure diva

Is for you if you’re truly talented at your craft but you haven’t mastered marketing yet, and you’re ready to do whatever it takes to learn, expand, and serve at a deeper level.

With Six Figure Diva, you’ll be able to:

speak with authority and full femme power as you own your voice like never before.

use advanced sales strategy to ethically close the majority of all prospects.

own your message with full presence and femme power to rise into leadership and income.

ascend into global impact as you claim your sovereignty.

learn how to create high ticket offers that sell… with grace.

discover how to get leads and new clients from social media so you can lean back and focus on service and your family, while ditching the hustle, diva.

learn how to craft your 6-figure brand to rapidly build your tribe.

systemize your business, so you’re not working all the friggin’ time.

leverage your message to monetize your calling.

sell consistently from live streams with integrity, heart, and diva fiyah!

build powerful and engaging opt-ins that draw in new clients, day in and day out.

package and sell high-end offers, and then scale your business

Serve sell shine your light third


If you’re prepared to do the work that’s required, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t achieve awe-inspiring results.

Never undercut your value or question your worth.

Remember that what you have to teach and share is GOLD.

Your work and contributions don’t belong on the sale rack, darling. You’re not bargain basement seconds:

you’re couture!

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to see our

client wins:

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Coment jayaleigh
Coment jayaleigh
Coment jayaleigh

I have ever
made in my

-Kate, celebrity psychic

‘When I first came across Ingrid, I had a successful business, but I still knew something was missing.

I knew deeply and instantly when I found Ingrid online that she was the woman who would change my business. What I didn’t know was that she would, in fact, transform my entire life.

By implementing her business strategy, which is incredibly effective and works beyond your wildest dreams, I sold out my online offers. I now have a waitlist and had my biggest month selling my group program during the pandemic.

The real difference between Ingrid and other business coaches, though, isn’t just her business strategy: Ingrid offers the energetic missing piece to the puzzle.

It’s not enough to know how to make money strategically; your vibration and energy must be at the correct frequency, so that it’s possible for you to KNOW that you are entitled to this money.

The most valuable and life-changing support she gave me is belief in myself, as she led me down the path to fully knowing that I’m entitled to success.

Men seem to be born with that sense of entitlement, but we’re not!

The investment I made with Ingrid was tripled within three weeks. It’s the best investment I have ever made in my life.

You’ll become phenomenally successful working in a business that is aligned with your authenticity and soul purpose.

This is why I’m so evangelical about encouraging women to work with Ingrid. This is not just a business course. This is not just a personal self-esteem course. It is so much more than all of that.

I’ve never encountered anyone who has such a deep and genuine commitment to the rising up of other women as Ingrid. SHE REALLY CARES.

The value of what Ingrid offers truly is millions and millions.

I know for a fact that by working with Ingrid and through the process and creating the right products for your business, you will be sending out truly valuable and life-changing products into the world.

Ingrid is not just affecting the people she works with directly; she is changing thousands and thousands of people’s lives. Those of us who have had the privilege of working with her have created products and services that transform the lives of others.

I’ll be forever grateful that I followed my intuition and invested in working with Ingrid. It is the best thing I could have done for myself AND my clients!’

-Kate, celebrity psychic


‘The best
money i’ve
spent on

-Amber, designer

‘Achieving my business dreams doesn’t seem so hard or heavy now. A lot can change in 3 months! I feel divinely supported, and I see that I can have any life I want. I’ve also sold $8,000 worth of programs since joining Ingrid’s program!! That’s seriously life changing and includes my first $5,000 design and strategy package.

OMG! The space that Ingrid holds for each one of us is out of this world. I’ve never been in a group program where I’ve received so much support. Ingrid’s energy and fire is amazing and contagious. After watching her live streams and attending the weekly classes, I’m always so on fire with ideas, passion, and inspiration. She gives her all unapologetically and sadly that’s not very common in the coaching world.

Also, I like how she has the strength to bring us up, rather than her leaning down to meet us at our level. That takes courage, but it’s what we all need and benefit from the most.

If you want to ascend on a massive scale in a short period of time, Ingrid’s passion and drive for supporting women entrepreneurs to own their power and create businesses that fuel rich, juicy lives are exactly what you need. Her level of support—loving, saucy, and firm when needed—is unparalleled. DO IT! It’s the best money I’ve spent on coaching. I don’t believe I’d be where I’m at now financially if I hadn’t taken this course. Before I signed up, I was feeling a bit panicky and helpless. I don’t feel that now. I feel like a business woman on a mission. I feel empowered. Bolder. Stronger. Thank you!

- Amber, designer and branding strategist

Randina Randina

Riches is a choice. What choice will you make?

Money comes when you get the strategy you need and stop running your business like a charity, diva.

It’s time to claim your sovereign financial power.

You’ll receive a personal plan that will guide you to connecting with your sensual siren, so you can open your divine channel to money, impact and freedom.

More about moi...

The million dollar

Brand genius

Logo horizontal

Where visionary entrepreneurs create conscious wealth and global impact.

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna Company, creator of the Forbes-featured Ⓒ CORE Process and the diva behind the Gucci of online business programs, 7-Figure Diva and Six-Figure Diva. She also reaches hundreds of women every month through Million Dollar Diva, the most potent healing membership platform in the world. Her coaching and couture consulting are far from generic. She’s here to help people like YOU leave the grind behind and wake up to claim their sacred power to lead, serve, and build a legacy of divine wealth and global impact.

Ingird day two

Through her work as a leading business strategist, wealth advocate, and agent of transformation, Ingrid has taught thousands of visionary women, entrepreneurs, consultants, mystics, healers, and coaches to stop playing small. As her clients step into their brilliance and claim their sovereign financial power, they scale their high-end empires online with clarity, confidence, and divine femme power—WITHOUT sacrificing themselves and those they LOVE.

Through her 20+ years of experience working for multimillion-dollar corporate brands, celebrity clients, and startups and intensive studies in vibrational healing, Ingrid learned that the key to global impact and radical, positive change is to combine rapid business growth and cutting-edge marketing strategy with deep healing and emotional IQ. Armed with this realization, Ingrid created her renowned integrative approach to business that shifts women from all ages, races, and walks of life out of self-sacrifice and the patriarchal corporate paradigm to build themselves a rich, nourishing life and business. The result is profound growth and extraordinary ROI.

Ingrid's work has landed coverage in broadcast outlets around the world, including

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Since becoming a mother, the only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees. She’s never been happier.