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Hey diva

I stand for the social,
political, and economic
empowerment of all women.

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I’m so thrilled we get to ‘meet’ here!

Only one thing stands between you and your greatness. It’s not found in reading another ten books or enrolling in another ten courses. It happens when you start owning who you are, clearing your money karma drama, and building your dream on a strategic foundation.

Divine woman, I see you.

You’re ready to step into your power.

You’re ready to do the divine work you know you’re called to do. You’re done with underearning, you’re over playing small, and you’re ready to receive divine compensation—yes, I’m talking about money, honey—for your incredible work in the world.

I believe you can be wealthy, empowered, and fully alive as you lead and share your divine healing gifts. I believe that’s exactly where you belong.

If you don’t know who the heck I am, let me introduce myself… I’m Ingrid Arna, the leading divine femme business strategist and women’s wealth advocate with a global business that serves thousands of women each year! My mission is to educate and empower a movement of visionary female leaders through conscious business, emotional IQ, and sacred sisterhood.

And guess what? You’re invited.

End the grind End the grind

End the grind

Unless it’s the good Kind.

Let’s have some fun, you beautiful people.

What’s with all the divatalk around here?

At Ingrid Arna, ‘Diva’ is NOT a homage to Mariah Carey, darling.

The way of the DIVA is the way of the DIVINE and holy femme who is emotionally, spiritually, energetically, and financially in her power.

DIVAs are goddess creatrixes.

DIVAs stand for their full self-expression.

DIVAs unapologetically sell their sacred services.

DIVAs reclaim their power in relationships.

DIVAs build financial sovereignty for themselves.

DIVAs are a force of femme liberation for the next generation.

DIVAs stand for the new era of divine femme ascension.

DIVAs are on the RISE and changing the world with their sacred gifts.

More femme power, more magic, more soul, more easea More femme power, more magic, more soul, more easea More femme power, more magic, more soul, more easea More femme power, more magic, more soul, more easea More femme power, more magic, more soul, more easea More femme power, more magic, more soul, more easea 

Curious about who the

Reigning queen diva

Is at


Ingrid Arna —

Seven-Figure Brand Strategist, Psychic Sage, Prosperity Activation Prophetess, and your High-End Empire Creatrix

Ingird day one 76 Ingird day one 76

At 20 I began my career at A Current Affair, and by 28 I was an ad executive at one of New York’s leading agencies. The experience and tenacity I gained from my marketing career, launching my BodyLove brand, raising $350,000 in capital for a start-up company, and creating my own TV show were the basis for me to grow my coaching business to 7 figures in 2 years.

Today, I’m the CEO of High-End Empire Business School, the Gucci of online business programs, an advanced marketing and emotional healing curriculum that teaches entrepreneurs how to go from start up to 6-figures, from 6- to multiple 6-figures, and then to 7-figures.

I’m also the co-founder of Million Dollar Diva, the most healing vortex in the world.

My diverse expertise ranges from eating psychology to expert sales copywriting, subconscious re-wiring to sacred cellular shapeshifting and divine invocation. I’ve been studying and sharing my sacred work for over 25 years as I healed and transformed my own patriarchal disempowerment, financial ruin, body shame, eating disorder, emotional trauma, and near-death health crises into sacred service and leadership.

My work with the divine allows me to support women’s mind-blowing, soul-service, purpose-based business visions energetically and practically. I streamline strategy and simplify success to resurrect your financial sovereignty once and for all.

A day without my red lippy and fierce love to match is rare in my book. Between teaching classes in High-End Empire, hosting juicy healings in my healing vortex membership, Million Dollar Diva, and sharing my work on my FREE group, you might find me shaking my booty with my daughter in the kitchen or sneaking off with my hubby for a midday date.


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(instead of just tormenting you with airy-fairy, inspirational quotes)?

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Women will only truly change the course of history when we allow ourselves to rise up financially. Otherwise, we will always be someone else’s property.

It’s time for a shift in financial and social power.


Who is ingrid

Who is

Ingrid Arna?

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