1. Which of the following best describes your big juicy goal for the next 3 to 6 months?

Question 1

2. Woot! Let’s take an inventory of your current skill set. Which of these areas do you RULE?

Question 2

3. I call your closest friend and ask them to tell me about your BEST qualities — what do they say?

Question 3

4. What’s your current relationship to your career + money?

Question 4

5. Which (very possible) scenario lights you up the most, queen?

Question 5

6. Boom, baby! You just won a $5K training in ONE of the following online business topics. Which one do you choose:

Question 6

7. What sector do you have the most experience in?

Question 7

8. What roles have you rocked in the past (or are rocking in the present)?

Question 8

9. How ready you are to create your own online empire?

Question 9

Bitch, I'm scared...


Ready as hell!

Honey, I am all over it.

10. How much do you already know about building an online empire?

Question 10

Unlock you Millionairess Archetype for BOOMING ONLINE BRAND!

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