This is a 3-day free online experience to build your million dollar brand as a coach, healer, or consultant.


I’ll show you how to own your divine femme boss diva power, attract a flood of new high-paying clients, and activate limitless abundance, cash flow, and impact in your business… with sassy soul and streamlined systems.

If you want to make millions online in the most streamlined soul aligned way this is for you.

Rise into your queendom
and chart your new
financial reality for 2021.

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In this training, you’ll:

  • get the lush support you need to expand your empire at the speed of light with feminine ease and CEO Diva strategy.
  • learn the strategy to turn on your inner money magnetism to attract an endless stream of clients as you rise into a leader diva online.
  • understand the importance of receiving the genuine rest and reward you deserve to activate cash flow with grace.
  • Plus, you’ll get a sneak peak behind the doors of my multimillion-dollar business.

Here’s what you get when you join this
FREE 3-day juicy AF MONEY ACTIVATING challenge:

Day #1

The crystal clear creatrix

Discover the million dollar problem you can get paid a mint to solve, as you serve at your highest.

Discover what people want, give it to them, and you’ll always prosper.

This is the motto I live and work by. The secret to success is
finding the place where your innate gifts and authentic talent
MATCH what people want.

I’ll give you the key strategy to unlock a divine money
upgrade in your business.
Together, we’ll journey through
the foundational process of discovering your INNER GOLD
and packaging it into an offer your dream clients can’t resist!

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Day #2

The transformation queen

Create a fail proof process that gets your
clients quantum results in your sleep.

Ensure your clients get high-end results so
that even a $10K or $20K price tag for your
offer is a steal.

already alive inside you, diva.
You’ve lived it
and likely learned your lessons the hard way.
Together, we’ll break down the journey you’ll
take your clients on, so they can easily
implement your content and create rapid growth
in their lives.

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This step will help you attract raving customers and create an outstanding service you can be ridiculously proud of.

Day #3

The prosperity priestess

Turn your passion into a profitable global brand that will last and leave a legacy.

On Day 3, get ready to make the 7-figure shift that will
allow you to scale and grow your course into a bonafide
and booming online business.
You can forget pouring your
time and livelihood into a glorified hobby or side-hustle
(that’s heavy on the hustle)! We’re doing this the divine
feminine way, of course, so you can hit your payday and slay
sales with speed, ease, and grace.

Gorgeous, the online education industry is worth a whopping
$325B+ while the global consulting industry is worth $250B+.

It’s time for YOU to devour your piece of the pie!

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Your coaching offers Your coaching offers

Fill your coaching offers

With the fastest and most
streamlined way to sell online.
We’ll see you soon, gorgeous!

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Ingrid Arna


Ingrid Arna

Seven-Figure Brand Strategist, Psychic Sage, Prosperity Activation Priestess, and your High-End Empire Creatrix

Ingrid Arna is the reigning Money Diva
Queen and founder of the renowned online
course High-End Empire. Ingrid is
leading the way for women as they
alchemize their dreams of
empires into reality and reclaim their holy
creatrix power to initiate the new age
divine feminine prosperity. Her work has
been featured in print and broadcast outlets
around the world, including Vogue, Forbes,
Entrepreneur, InStyle, The Huffington Post,
and Disrupt.

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