Six-figure diva

Online workshop + sales script

The hottest online training for coaches, consultants, and
healers to ensure a consistent stream of new clients.

$888 Claim your 78% discount.

$888 Claim
your 78% discount.

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Create your O.M.G offer, get booked out with
high-paying clients from
social media, and make
more money than you ever have before!

This is the fastest and easiest path to creating riches
online, gorgeous.

More clients, more sales, more pleasure, more nourishment, more fun, more freedom

For limited time only

For limited time only

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Get access to:

Get access to
  • 2.5 hour masterclass where I show you step-by-step how to
    package up your high-ticket offer in the next 72 hours
  • follow-along workbook to fill in, so you can easily birth your
    JUICY-AF offer and start selling ASAP
  • divine money prayer ritual to activate your frequency and
    become magnetic to more cash, clients, and courage!
  • clear strategies on how to escape the single-session grind to
    activate your true earning potential
  • how to sell out your new offer or program for 10 times
    more—and before you create any content
  • my strategy for turning your divine calling and brilliance into a
    high-ticket offer that sells like hotcakes
  • powerful money activations to release your fear of raising
    your prices
  • how to turn your story into sales with ease and integrity while
    achieving epic results for your clients, and so much more.
Six fd step2 Six fd step2

Six-figure diva

Online workshop + bonus sales script

The second step is vital to your success, and that’s where the

If you want to make money, you need a juicy O.M.G. offer to sell. I’ll be taking you by the hand and
guiding you each step of the way to package up your sacred work for 10 times more than you’re
charging now. This is the exact process I used to go from selling $100 sessions to selling my very
first $6000 offer!

And the result?

Overnight I was instantly cashed up and in a position (financially and emotionally) to serve my
clients from a place of overflow, deliver epic transformation, and feel the safety and deep peace
that comes with finally being paid well! It was a magical moment, I have to tell you!

The fear of having to move into my mother’s basement because of my lack of financial security
dissolved in a second! This kind of shift will be life-changing for you and your family!

The Six-Figure Diva

online workshop includes:

tsfd phone tsfd phone

The Six-Figure Diva

online workshop includes:

  • 2.5 hour step-by-step video
    hosted my moi!
  • Follow-along workbook to easily plug
    in the details of your offer, so you can
    slay sales and hit bigger paydays!
  • BONUS divine money prayer ritual to
    activate your frequency and become
    magnetic to more cash, clients, and
Bg money

Plus claim your bonus

Ceo diva 7-figure selling script.

Get the exact words to empower you to sell your brand new high-ticket offer like hot cakes without feeling the fear rise like bile when you start talking about the moola, honey!

If you can’t sell, you’re basically screwed and not in a good way!

If you’re more tied up in knots than a scene from Fifty Shades Of Grey, this is for you!

If you want to hit your payday, you need to master the art of divine client enrollment. Release the shame and sell with soul, heart, love and unswerving confidence so you make more money than you ever have before.. While serving your clients deeply!

With this BONUS you’re about to get the exact script that took me to a multimillion-dollar empire in 3 years!

Button flashing

Valued at $1000

Ipad air 2
Here check box

Here’s how the sales conversation typically goes:

  • Small talk
  • A few freakin’ awkward questions on your part
  • Trying desperately to listen, despite the mad ringing of fear in your
    ears and anxiety pumping through your heart
  • Thirty seconds before the call is about to end, you cautiously {enter
    FREAK OUT zone} bring up the elephant in the room: money.

You squirm in your chair, play nervously with your hair, and pray that this client magically buys
from you!

What the heck!

You try oh-so-hard to ignore the knot in your tummy as you open ‘the uncomfortable money

That’s on a good day! On a bad day, you agree to let them ‘think about it’ and leave the call without
pitching. Instead, you send a quote via email, which in all probability won’t even be opened. LOL
(but not really).

You go through this ordeal again and again because everyone knows selling is kind of gross, right?

WRONG. Not if it’s done with love, soul, deep care, and ease. Not if selling becomes a SACRED,
PLAYFUL, and DEEPLY TRANSFORMATIVE process rather than a slimy sales pitch!

That’s the conversation I’m going to give you. The exact words to empower you to sell
high-ticket offers like hot cakes
without feeling the fear rise like bile when you start talking
about the moola, honey!

This script has accounted for $30M worth of sales for our clients!


This bonus alone is worth $1000, gorgeous.

When you learn how to sell with heart and soul your cash flow will grow
beyond your wildest dreams.

Buy now for only $197 and attract more high-ticket clients!Payment
Make more money Make more money

Make more

than you
ever have

Single mum and NLP expert Randina went from hustle and struggle
to earning over $30K a month.

Watch video


Lightworker Ahneyah went from $2K in the bank to selling 8 spots
in her program and making over $200K in 8 weeks.

Watch video

Buy now for only $197 and attract more high-ticket clients!Payment

The six-figure diva

O.M.G method to get more high-paying
clients online includes mastering the following:

The offer

The offer

The juicy, omg irresistible
i’ve-got-to-have-it offer

An irresistible offer has 5 vital elements that make it saleable and scalable. If you want to shift into
a new abundant dimension, then don’t miss this. Get my secret process to create an offer that
stands out and sells out. If you want to create a lust-worthy offer that has new clients lining up to
work with you, this is a game-changer. You’ll never have to chase clients again! Birth your offer
and blow your bank account wide open. Discover why you need to know your soul avatar to future
proof your income, including learning how to pre-sell your work even before you create your full

The moola

The moola

The client attraction plan

I INVITE YOU TO FAST-TRACK YOUR INCOME! This stage of the workshop is all about how to get
paid the big bucks, so you can stop messing about with low-end offers that are driving you broke.
If you want more sales, you need to find the right price for the right audience. I’ll show you how to
LEVERAGE your big-hearted passion to serve others.

The gold

The gold

From “scrambling to sell” to

“soulfully pre-selling your
sacred work”

Want to earn that without turning into a douche-y car salesman?

Flip the middle finger to under-earning and over-giving and rise into wild abundance, diva.

Hundreds of clients have told me this one TIP helped them fall in love with selling and go from “I’d
rather die than get on a sales call” to “I made more this month than the last 5 years put together!”
This is an invitation to stop messing around, so you can get PAID pronto.

How it works How it works

How it works:

  • 1 Step

    Attend the SIX-FIGURE DIVA
    learn the exact steps needed
    to birth your
    offer and
    become a successful diva at
    the speed
    of light with
    strategy, systems, and soul.

  • 2 Step
    2 Step

    Use the game-changing steps in the SIX-FIGURE
    DIVA VIRTUAL WORKSHOP to launch your online
    offer and fill it with loyal, raving students in days,
    not months or years. You will not just be
    watching the content but actually creating your
    offer step by step in this game-changing virtual

You’ll also learn how to map out the modules and content you need to create your awesome offer
with my SIX-FIGURE DIVA HIGH-END OFFER BLUEPRINT, eliminating overwhelm for you AND
your students forever.

What I’m about to share with you will teach you how to leverage the internet and your brilliance to
create a wildly profitable business online! You'll leave with more certainty and less guesswork.
You’ll be saying, "So long confusion and hello clarity and clients" within days.

  • 3 Step

    I’m going to give you full access to
    my CEO Diva 7-Figure sales script
    so you can learn how to sell your
    newly created high-ticket offer with
    zero pressure, no icky sales pitch,
    and a whole lotta heart.

    Arrow step 4
Ipad air step 4

All you need to do is fill in the blanks (literally), and you’ll be ready to start selling your JUICY-AF
and irresistible high-ticket offer with soul and ease in a matter of days!

What I want you to understand is that selling a high-ticket offer doesn’t make you a
It’s about sharing your sacred work with your clients, providing deep
transformation, and getting PAID what your work is REALLY WORTH—shame freaking free! If you
want to ascend into your highest potential, you need to ditch the conditioning that desiring
financial independence and prosperity in your life is somehow shameful.

I know for sure if you don’t do this and stay stuck selling your work for peanuts, you’re going to
remain trapped in an under-earning, under-selling, and under-serving nightmare!

It’s time for you to raise your STANDARDS, PACKAGE UP YOUR BRILLIANCE, and EARN THE BIG

This process has resulted in tens of millions of dollars in sales for me and my clients, and you can
get your hands on it now for only $197… but for 3 hours ONLY.

The power of this work is off the charts!

This workshop includes my number one strategy to attract more dream clients.

We’re in the midst of a social boom where people are crying out for help to expand their
businesses, improve their health and relationships, and transform their dreams into reality.

If you can solve people’s problems, you’re bound for growth—in any economic climate.

Despite the harshness of the pandemic, anyone with a computer and internet access is fortunate
to have the world at their fingertips... literally!

The online education, coaching, and consulting industry is worth $325 billion, and that’s
not all...

  • There are 2.9 billion active users on Facebook alone.
  • YouTube viewership is up 160%.
  • Internet usage overall is up 50%.
  • Ad costs are down by 30% to 40%!

This all combines to create the perfect conditions for a windfall in your business… when you have
a PROVEN PROCESS that works.

It’s time for you to claim your golden piece of the pie, gorgeous!

Even though the market is VAST for coaching, consulting, healing, and online learning, it’s true

That’s because 99% of entrepreneurs are trying to build businesses without a clear vision,
strategy, or roadmap to sustainable success.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients reach and surpass the six-figure mark, and now I want to help you!

But it’s going to take a repeatable and streamlined sales process to do it.

Because until the clients and cash flow are heading your way at light speed, you won’t be able to
make the impact you dream of or be able to work in balance and sustainable growth with the
support of an epic team because it all costs CASH.

If you’ve been striving for the six-figure or seven-figure mark for way too long and know you’re
destined for divine success, this is for you.

  • Liberate yourself.
  • Claim your power.
  • Serve without the servitude.
  • And get access to a process that actually works to build a
    sustainable six-figure business and beyond!
Buy now for only $197 and attract more high-ticket clients!

Whether you’ve been online for years and stalled at 5 figures or you’re new to the online
world, this will work for you.

I discovered a way to support my family without leaving my home. No more driving to work,
time-wasting meetings, corporate drama, and boss to answer to! Best of all, I’ll never miss another
one of my daughter’s school activities.

Explode your sales


without the SACRIFICE!

Chevron right
Chevron left

This is wealth mastery for badass women
who are ready to get rich.

My clients are having their biggest months ever… even during the pandemic.


Because when you know how to solve people’s problems you’ll always get PAID.

You deserve to be valued for your divine work in the world, gorgeous woman.

The era of over-giving and under-earning is now over for you!

Ive figured out Ive figured out

I’ve figured out

how to do this for myself,
and my clients have proven
I’m not some lucky b*tch
who stumbled into a
multimillion-dollar fortune.

Love coach Chelsea went from $1000 a month to $100,000 in 7

Watch video


Branding expert Ellie went from being $500 in overdraft with debt
collectors calling to making $21K in sales.

Watch video

Ellie schroeder

Empowerment coach Dawn made £21K in 10 days and got her
mojo back!

Watch video


Business coach Jocelyn quit her corporate job and soared to $30K
months over 60 days with sales over $200K in six months.

Watch video


Molly made more money than she ever has with sales of
$68K in 4 months and is now standing in her power.

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$68K in 4 months!

Bubble flashingMolly capture

Why my clients are flush with cash

My clients all have TWO things in common: they’re aligned and visionary women on fire, and
they’ve said ‘heck yes’ to getting the support they need!

Despite the fear and trauma they’ve experienced, these women have decided to learn now to
master making money online as they step into leadership and their inherent power to serve...
without any sacrifice.

They’ve made a conscious and powerful decision to shift and heal their own lives, so they can do
the work they’re called to do.

They’re not waiting for permission.

They’ve leapt… and they’re reaping the benefits big time.

Now they’re paying it forward by sharing their gifts with their clients and community.

When you make a vow to uplevel, you get the support that’s needed—support that’s completely
strategic and also deeply energetic—which ensures you thrive.

For limited time only

Buy now for only $197 and attract more high-ticket clients!

In 2015 i made only $35k, and now i make millions!


Timeline 2015Timeline 2015



Timeline 2018Timeline 2018



Timeline 2019Timeline 2019



Timeline 2021Timeline 2021


From mess to millionairess

If I can go

from burnt out
to fully booked
with a list
skinnier than
a supermodel,
so can you!

From freaked out
to forbesForbes arrowForbes arrow

Forbes magazine
I just bought
I just bought

I just bought

a new office space, and
my team of 30 and I get
to serve hundreds of
clients and students
every single year!

This is what financial
sovereignty and living
your soul calling looks

It’s pretty freaking juicy, I have to tell you.

But this wasn’t always the case. Five years ago, I was freaking out about making my car payments!

I used to keep envelopes in my panty drawer marked food, car, entertainment etc, assigning my
scarce income to each one accordingly, and it sucked.

I know what it takes to start from zero.

I know what it takes to wonder if you really know enough to charge top $$ for your work.

I know what it’s like to give, give, give to your clients and have nothing to show for it.

But the road to success all started with sitting down and downloading my first high-ticket offer!
After spending 10 years as a journalist and ad executive in NYC, I knew what I needed to do!

Three days later, I sold my first $6000 paid-in-FULL offer to someone from Facebook.

It all starts with one offer.

Making this first sale was life-changing for me and my family! Because now I had irrefutable proof
that I could do this.


  • $5000 x 20 spots in your program/offer or just under 2 sales a month = $100K in sales per year
  • $3500 x 30 spots in your program/offer or 2.5 sales a month = $105,000 in sales per year

Imagine doing this every single month.

Like, ooh la la…

It’s simple: without the right offer, you just can’t grow your business like you want to!

Don’t miss this training if you’re ready to rise into riches and stellar service without the sacrifice.

Learning how Learning how

Learning how
to command top
dollar for
your sacred
is the
smartest thing
you can do for
yourself. Period.

Copywriter Tarzan booked out her mastermind and made over $128,000 and now has a waitlist for her 5-figure offers.

Watch video

Tarzan capture

Christina sold 5 programs at $8000 each and paid in full
within 6 weeks of working with me.

Watch video


Yoga teacher Jayaleigh went from scraping by on $80 sessions to selling $5000 packages and buying a house.

Watch video


These women were able to achieve all this

in just 30 to 90 days without a dime spent on ads.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme, divine woman.

This is for you if you’re willing to do the work to build a booming, beautiful online business.

For limited time only

Buy now for only $197 and attract more high-ticket clients! Payment

Working with Ingrid is the best investment I've ever made.
I tripled my investment within 3 weeks.

Watch video


‘When I first came across Ingrid, I had a successful
business, but I knew something was missing.

I knew deeply and instantly when I found Ingrid
online that she was the woman who would change
my business. What I didn’t know was that she would,
in fact, transform my entire life.

By implementing her business strategy, which is
incredibly effective and works beyond your wildest
dreams, I sold out my online offers. I now have a
waitlist and had my biggest month ever selling my
group program during the pandemic.

The real difference between Ingrid and other
business coaches though isn’t just her business
strategy: Ingrid offers the energetic missing piece to the puzzle.

It’s not enough to know how to make money
strategically; your vibration and energy must be at
the correct frequency, so that it’s possible for you to
KNOW that you’re entitled to this money.

The most valuable and life-changing support she
gave me is belief in myself, as she guided me down
the path to fully knowing that I’m entitled to success.

‘Men seem to be born with that sense of
entitlement, but we’re not!

The investment I made with Ingrid
was tripled within three weeks. It’s
the best investment I have ever
made in my life.

You’ll become phenomenally successful working in
a business that is aligned with your authenticity
and soul purpose.

I’ve never encountered anyone who has such a
deep and genuine commitment to the rising up of
other women as Ingrid. SHE REALLY CARES.

The value of what Ingrid offers
truly is millions and millions.

I’ll be forever grateful that I followed my intuition
and invested in working with Ingrid. It is the best
thing I could have done for myself AND my clients!’

- Kate, celebrity psychic

These results aren’t out of reach for you, gorgeous.

You get to raise the standard for what is available to you and to women
everywhere by expanding your business and making bank… without
scrounging for clients and charging peanuts for your work.

Why hustle harder when you could triple your income…
while working a heck load less?

Bring on the freedom, sensual power,
nourishment, and play.

Buy now for only $197 and attract more high-ticket clients! Payment

Are you my next 7-figure woman?

Are you my
Circular play
Terri cole

Nothing compares to Ingrid's strategic

She’s a genius and brings out yours. Ingrid is
without a doubt the leading online messaging
expert and revenue strategist for women.

- Terri, celebrity coach


Ingrid is the most fierce, real, and loving
embodiment of the feminine rising you will
ever encounter. Things started shifting at
warp speed the moment I made my
payment. I just made my first high-end sale!

Thank you, Ingrid, for all that you do, and all that
you are. Beyond love.

- MoMo, spiritual teacher

6fd devices 6fd devices

+ get the CEO Diva 7-FIGURE SELLING sales script and learn the proven step-by-step process that will
help you birth your offer and sell to soulmate clients—with ethics, speed, and grace.

If you want to scale your online business with sanity and have time for those you LOVE, as you
serve deeply and ensure consistent clients and sales, don’t miss this workshop to change the way
you make money forever.

Quotation marks

“There is no moment more powerful than the
moment when a woman chooses to claim her
financial power, soul path, and sovereign voice.”

- Ingrid Arna.


Yes! Reserve my seat now.

I teach strategies that show my clients how to go from unknown to online
sell out their coaching offers, attract dream clients, and
create booming online businesses.

Yes, i want to register now and attract more
high-ticket clients today for only $197

This workshop is NOT only about making more money.

It’s about divine femme ascension.

It’s about you standing in your sacred power.

It’s about bringing your potent work to the world in a bigger way.

It’s about focusing on your WELL-BEING, your MESSAGE, and your LEGACY
while you build your brand in a way that nourishes your soul and doesn’t drive
you into chronic exhaustion from over-giving and people-pleasing.

Make your plans Make your plans

Make your plans absolutely juicy and
fab, darling,
because 20 years from now
they’ll seem kinda small. You’ll wonder why
you didn’t make them 50 times greater.

Go big.

Think grand.

Stop waiting.

Get wealthy.

Start building your

Claim your best life.

Who will this work for?

Map MapIa logo gold horizontal

No matter your niche, your industry, or your expertise, you can
both SERVE and MAKE millions—in the smartest and most
fulfilling way possible.

See what other cashed-up diva attendees are achieving...


Best-selling author

‘The minute I signed
with Ingrid, I started
making my biggest
sales ever.’


Life coach

‘Oprah talks about
living your best life.
Ingrid makes it happen!
I really believe Ingrid isn’t
just a divine money
mentor but a spiritual


Brand expert

‘Monica secured one
client at $150,000
paid in FULL’


Tantra Teacher

‘Alicia sold almost $70K
in less than 7 months
and was initiated me
into the realm of
what’s possible.’


Beauty entrepreneur

‘Jessica just hit
$160K in sales and her
funnel is now ready
for launching.’


Self-esteem coach

‘I went from
overwhelmed to selling
$8000 packages. Ingrid
and her work are pure



‘Henna just made
$50K from her first
webinar and sold
30 spots in her
membership. Then she did
another webinar and
sold another $100K.’



‘Aiyannah made over
$200K and achieved
more than she ever
thought possible.’



‘Loveday went from living
in a yurt to making $51K
in three months and
securing a loan to build
her first house.’



‘I joined Ingrid’s
mastermind and made
my biggest sales ever. I
now feel deeply
empowered and


Love coach

‘Bridget sold out her
program and booked
her first $40K pay
in full client‘


Life coach

‘Monique sold 42 spots
at $5000 each in
six weeks.’


Beauty entrepreneur

‘Jessica just hit
$160K in sales and her
funnel is now ready
for launching.’


Self-esteem coach

‘I went from
overwhelmed to selling
$8000 packages. Ingrid
and her work are pure



‘Henna just made
$50K from her first
webinar and sold
30 spots in her
membership. Then she did
another webinar and
sold another $100K.’



‘Aiyannah made over
$200K and achieved
more than she ever
thought possible.’



‘Loveday went from living
in a yurt to making $51K
in three months and
securing a loan to build
her first house.’



‘I joined Ingrid’s
mastermind and made
my biggest sales ever. I
now feel deeply
empowered and


Love coach

‘Bridget sold out her
program and booked
her first $40K pay
in full client‘


Life coach

‘Monique sold 42 spots
at $5000 each in
six weeks.’

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Bio mobile
Bio mobile

About Ingrid Arna

Ingrid Arna is the founder and CEO of The Ingrid Arna
Company, the creator of the Gucci of online business
programs 7-Figure Diva and Six-Figure Diva, and the
driving force behind the digital marketing agency
Million Dollar Media. A marketing, sales, and personal
development powerhouse, Ingrid is leading the charge
in teaching conscious capitalism and building leaders
who are devoted to contribution.

Using the principles she teaches, Ingrid Arna went from
zero to multi-millionaire in only 3 years. Over the past
few years, Ingrid has passed on her proven process to
thousands of students globally. Ingrid combines a
unique brand of fierce love, spiritual insight, and
advanced strategy to co-create profound
transformations and huge personal and financial
growth for her clients. Since becoming a mother, the
only resolutions Ingrid has stuck to are swapping
G-strings for granny panties and quadrupling her fees.
She’s never been happier.

Ingrid’s work has landed coverage in print and
broadcast outlets around the world, including Forbes,
Entrepreneur, The New York Times, Vogue,
Cosmopolitan, InStyle, The Huffington Post, and The
Steve Harvey Show.

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